Minutes – November 18, 2018

Framingham Democratic Committee

136 Maynard Rd.

Framingham, MA 01701

Meeting Minutes – Sunday, November 18, 2018  (*with corrections)

Call to Order:  Beverly Hugo, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM

Announcements:  Every month a charity to benefit.  Next month, December, Pathways Family Shelter.

SMOC – social service agency; federal/state funding; variety of programs – provide community support, housing; shelters.

Tania DiDuca – SMOC Chief of state staff over 15 years; Leslie Lee – programming.  Shelters – Gordon St, Pearl St and Clinton St helping families (8-16) to stabilize and become part of the community.  Drop-In  Center – downtown; Turning Point – chronic homelessness.  Needs for Family and Individual Shelters (handout include diapers, personal care items).  Volunteer application on website.

Attendance:  Members:  Carmen Chico, Jack Duffy, Barbara Fontes, Adam Freudberg, Kurt Fusaris, Gwendolyn Holbrow, Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley, Beverly Hugo, Michael Hugo, Barbara Le Duc, Christopher Lorant, Kathie McCarthy, Amanda Northrop, Maria Robinson, Cindy Rubin, Margareth Shepard, Norma Shulman, Larry Stoodt, Parwez Wahid and Mel Warshaw.  Associate Members:  Douglas Lawrence, *Cesar Stewart-Morales.

State House and Capitol Hill Reports:

State Rep. Jack P. Lewis – ill.  State working on “Rank Choice Voting.”  Bills due Jan. 18, 2018 5 PM.

City Councilors – *Margareth Shephard.  School Committee:  Adam Freudberg.  Financial oversight committee to advise elected officials.  Upcoming issues – diversity hiring; recreational marijuana; opioid crisis; technology; transportation (buses) team up with BU to study bus routes (free).

fullerbuildingproject.com – answers many questions and concerns, educates voters.

Resolution by the Framingham Democratic Committee Endorsing the Fuller Middle School Building Project  Motion to accept.

As adjusted – approved with 2 opposing/2 abstentions.  

Secretary’s Report and Approval of the MinutesBarbara Fontes. Corrections necessary. * Motion to approve-J. Rastani; Second-R. Hooper-Hamersley; Approval-unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report – November 18, 2018 – Larry Stoodt.

Balance as of 9/30/18 $3933.58

Income:  Dues                                              $120.00

                CU Dividends as of 9/30/18         $    0.34

                Total Income                                $120.34     

Previous Balance + Income:                      $4053.92

Expenses :

Reimbursement (various supplies)               $    19.01

Total Expenses:                                           $    19.01

Balance as of 11/18/18                                $4034.91

Motion to approve – N. Shulman; Second – J. Duffy    Approval – unanimous.

Office of Campaign Finance – state campaigns can’t receive money from the Federal government.

Important to plan how to use $4034.91 (no money was used for 2018 mid-term elections).   2020 open a local/regional office for strategic planning.  

2018 Midterm Election Analysis

From the Chair’s Office – Toplines on Midterm Election Results (handout distributed) 

Melvin C. Poindexter

Committee Reports

Civics Education – Pat Dunne, not present.  C. Rubin – participation increase – district 6 & 7 (11, 13, 14); precinct 17 (28%); how to bring out voters; new apartment building; consider 2020 Census.  Fuller Project; yes for fuller, ballot online as of 11/26/18.

Communications – M. Hugo – No

Outreach – M. Shepard – more Latinos involved in Health Fair

Programming – R. Hooper-Hamersley/A. Freudberg – January 1 of 2 Framingham FORCE; L. Stoodt – Sierra Club.  Recent hate  crime at Hemingway School – letter on behalf of FDC to Hemingway School – we don’t support this kind of activity – yes vote, 1 no?  “Dignity Matters;”  “Hate Has No Home Here” – new design with Portuguese.

FDC legislative proposals – What FDC wants to endorse in upcoming session; prioritize; Foundation Budget Commission – how much they will fund to educate a child; shortfall; how underfunded is Framingham?  Each year underfunded; State owes Framingham $15 million.  Sen. Karen Spilka – support, responsible.

Motion to accept – B. LeDuc; Second – C. Chico; Passed.

Student Loan Bill of Rights –H 2173 State Rep. Jack Lewis co-sponsor; Motion to accept B. LeDuc; Second – K. McCarthy.  Prior notice for anything out of network H 2164 State Rep. Jack Lewis co-sponsor; Motion to accept K. McCarthy; Second C. Lorant.  Environmental concerns/pipeline – defer to L. Stoodt – ballot question – 2008 Global Warming Solution Act; Motion to accept – R. Hooper-Hamersley; Second – K. Fusaris; Vote – yes; Motion against – C. Lorant; refer to legislator; Resolution  – yes.

Bylaws – M. Warshaw – abolish outdated legislation; opinion of Supreme Ct. of MA and US Supreme Ct.

Women, we want it off the books, ex. Laws regarding abortion.  Motion to accept-N. Shulman; Second-C. Lorant.

Thank you to the Legislative Committee. B. Hugo

Hospitality – Thank you Amanda and those who contributed –B. Hugo 

Holiday Party (approx. 100); 6:30; Heritage or Community Green; Charity for Holiday Party-R. Hooper-Hamersley- Pathways/Children.

Final Comments – Male membership to State Democratic Com. – C. Lorant – top vote getter; Bob Massie 2nd.

N. Shulman – congratulations to C. Lorant; Rally-filmed for cable; felling of togetherness.Dec.7-Jan5 any male democrat in Framingham Senate district-1 city 6towns. Caucus-Feb 9; Jan-electing delegates(35)

Recognition to Norma Shulman.

In closing – FDC “We have one of the most active, passionate democratic committees.” B. Hugo

Motion to adjourn – R. Hooper-Hamersley; Second – C. Lorant

FDC Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM (approx.)

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara J. Fontes, Secretary