Minutes Mar 2, 2024

Members: Lori Bornstein, Christopher Craig Broyles, Tracey Bryant, Jeanne Bullock, Jerry Desilets,  Patrick Dunne,  Mary Kate FeeneyBarbara Fontes,  Adam Freudberg,  Kurt Fusaris, Linda Fields, Audrey Hall, Jim Hansen, Brooke Harvey, Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley,  Shahid Khan,  Doug Lawrence, Barbara LeDucChris Lorant, Jack Patrick Lewis, David Magnani, Thom Mahoney, Kathie McCarthy, Amanda Northrup, Phil OttavianiIsabella Petroni, Cindy Rubin, Margareth ShepardNorma ShulmanPriscila Sousa, Yvonne SpicerAdam Steiner, John Stefanini, Cesar Stewart-Morales, Jim Stockless,  Larry Stoodt, Cheryl Tully-Stoll,  Parwez WahidMel Warshaw, Leslie White-Harvey


Associate Members:  Rob Adamson, Kalee Balde, Stephanie Deeley, Maureen Dunne, Ricky Finlay, Karen Garafolo, David Gordon, Tilia Klebenov Jacobs, Heather Klish, William LaBarge, Samantha McGarry, Katherine Murphy, Brandale Randolph, Joan Rastani, Pamela Roberts, Grace Snedden, Meghan Todd, Cynthia Villanueva, Brandon Ward, Joel Winett 


Guests:  Kate Donaghue


  • Welcome and reading of FDC Mission Statement – Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley, Co-Chair
  • Approval of funds for Constitution in Portuguese

Rozzy explained that the committee provides copies of the US Constitution to FHS Civic Ed students. While the English and Spanish versions were readily available, the similar quality Portuguese version was not. The cost of the Portuguese copies exceeded expectations, and Rozzy offered to pay for it if necessary.

Priscila volunteered to Provide translation services in the future. Mary Kate offered Marketing assistance. Phil suggested using Wing Press in the future.

Motion to pay $725 for 55 Portuguese copies:  P. Ottaviani, seconded by C. Lorant – Unanimously approved.

  • Election of Members

Motion to make Grace Snedden an Associate Member:  P. Ottaviani, seconded by M.K. Feeney – Unanimously approved.

  • Election of Associate Members

Debbie Osborne asked to join as an Associate Member. She’s a 30 yr Framingham resident and been active with Keep Framingham Beautiful (KFB).

Motion to make Debbie Osborne an Associate Member:  K. Fusaris, seconded by P. Ottaviani – Unanimously approved.

  • Next meeting

Our next meeting will be a re-organization meeting post the March 5 election. It will be held on April 7th from 1:00pm -3:30pm at the McAuliffe Library

  • Guest Speakers

Kate Donaghue shared that it’s been an honor to serve the 19th Worcester District and will be running for re-election.

  • Announcements – from members, future events

Dave Magnani reminded the committee of MetroWest Blue and Beyond zoom event with Deval Patrick on the March 6th 7:30 supporting voter registration in NC. 

Norma announced that it was time to get nominations papers signed and asked for folks to join her.

Election on March 5th.

  • Adjourn 

Motion to Adjourn by L. Stoodt, Seconded by C. Lorant, Motion was unanimously accepted.