About Us


The Framingham Democratic Committee (FDC) is an association of registered Democrats seeking to further the principles of the Democratic Party, primarily through supporting Democratic candidates in national, state, and local elections. The Committee is organized under Chapter 2, Section 2 of Massachusets General Laws. This Committee is not a “Democratic City Committee” as under its city charter Framingham is not comprised of wards.  Having city wards is required for a city committee.  As such the FDC is structured similary to a town committee; members are elected on a city-wide ballot.

The FDC encourages registered Democrats and newly-registered voters, through a program of education and information, to join the Democratic Party political activities, the aim of which is to strengthen and further the cause of sound government.

The FDC calls on all registered Democrats and invites un-enrolled voters to participate in Democratic Party primaries to vote for citizens of their choice seeking Democratic Party nominations.

In addition the Framingham Democratic Committee examines and evaluates issues and questions that affect our community.  Such evaluations are generally conducted through equitable discussion and public debate.

FDC Mission and Vision Statements 1-20-22


Regular members of the Framingham Democratic Committee (FDC) are elected every four years on the date of the Presidential Primary.  The Committee consists of thirty-five members.  Vacancies in the Committee are filled as set forth in the General Laws of the Commonwealth.  Registered Democrats residing in the Town of Framingham are eligible to seek regular membership in the Framingham Democratic Committee.  Regular members have voting rights in the FDC’s business meetings.

Associate membership is available to voters who are Framingham residents and registered as Democrats.  Associate members receive notice to all Committee meetings and may participate in the debate and deliberations of the Committee.  Associate members may also serve as voting members of sub-committees, however Associate members do not have voting rights on formal actions of the Framingham Democratic Committee.

Both Regular and Associate members pay annual dues.  Regular members dues are $20, Associate members $15.


The Framingham Democratic Committee holds eight to nine monthly meetings during its yearly term.  Also the FDC holds the annual Democratic Caucus for selecting State Convention delegates.

In addition to the meetings, the Framingham Democratic Committee conducts programs of interest to voters, discussing relevant issues and meeting with elected officials and candidates. The Framingham Democratic Committee encourages its members to actively participate in the general election campaigns of the Framingham Democratic candidates for public offices.