FDC Mission & Vision Statements

FDC Mission statement

The Framingham Democratic Committee believes in diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. 

Our mission is to work for the common good by seeking to promote racial, ethnic, social, and economic equality for the people of Framingham, our Commonwealth, and our nation. We advocate for all those who have been disenfranchised, marginalized, victimized, and oppressed. Fostering and heeding Democratic principles is at the core of our work and our values. It is who we are.

FDC Vision statement

We believe that our government should empower people through ensuring high-quality public education, universal access to healthcare, protection of our environment, the abatement of income inequality, and the guarantee of equal rights and opportunity for all. 

We believe that we are stronger and more humane when our economy works for everyone. The mounting extremes of income and wealth inequality make our communities poorer by creating disparities in political power and opportunity, which imperil our future. 

We believe that good faith efforts to work collaboratively to achieve mutual problem-solving are better than escalating contentious situations or yielding to insulting behaviors, violence and oppression.

We believe that a political party must listen to those it would lead. A political party which seeks the people’s trust must lead by demonstrating that it trusts the people.

We will grow and strengthen our Party through grassroots organizing and elect Democratic candidates with strong progressive values. 

We will fight regressive agendas at home, on Beacon Hill, and on Capitol Hill. We will be relentless in our pursuit of a progressive agenda.

As Democratic activists, party leaders, and elected officials, we commit ourselves to achieving the goals as set forth in the Platform of the Massachusetts State Democratic Party.


* Inspired by and in alignment with the Massachusetts Democratic Party as expressed in the preamble to the Party Charter, the Party Platform (available at https://massdems.org/your-party/party-documents-2/), and other statements at https://massdems.org/.