Framingham Democratic Caucus 2018

Results of the 2018 Framingham Democratic Caucus

Framingham Democrats caucused on Sunday February 11, 2018 to elect Framingham’s delegation to the 2018 Democratic State Convention.  Framingham has been allocated 36 delegates that includes 1 ex-officio delegate, 35 elected delegates and 6 alternates.

The 35 delegates are gender balanced 17 female, 17 male the final delegate of either gender.  The 6 alternates are also gender balanced 3 female and 3 male.

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Results of the 2017 Framingham Democratic Caucus

  Cheryl Andes Craig Broyles
  Elsa Aviza Robert Case
  Jeanne Bullock Jack Duffy
  Carmen A. Chico Kurt Fusaris
  Glenda M. Cohen Michael G. Gatlin
  Barbara J. Fontes Michael Hugo
  Janet Kennedy Stephen Joyce
  Barbara LeDuc Ohad Klopman
  Mia Lin David Magnani
  Sripriya Moorthy Pablo Maia
  Sandra M. Petrakis Farooq Mirza
  Cindy Rubin Manuel Ortega
  Summer F. Shaud Phil Ottaviani
  Margareth Shepard Jared Snow
  Cassidy A. Slamin Larry E. Stoodt
  Anna L. Styles Mel Warshaw
  Erica Toochin Joe Willoughby.
  Cynthia Villanueva  
  Gwendolyn Holbrow Gregory Hayes
  Maureen Medaglia Christopher Lorant
  Vanessa Pendexter Robert Stubbs
  Beverly Hugo FDTC Chair
  Rep. Jack Lewis State Rep, 7th Middlesex
  Ilma Paxiao DSC Member
  Norma Shulman DSC Member
  Parwez Wahid DSC Member
  Rep. Chris Walsh State Rep, 6th Middlesex, DSC Member