(05/17/2020) – Due to the stay-at-home orders caused by COVID-19 restrictions, the FDC will be conducting its meetings remotely via Zoom.  The following PDF contains best practice guidelines for members to follow while participating in the FDC Zoom meetings.  Thanks to Mary Kate Feeney for providing these guidelines.

FDC Zoom Best Practices Guidelines (PDF)

The Framingham Democratic Committee usually holds eight to nine monthly meetings during the year, usually on the second or third Sunday of the month.  Meeting locations have become fluid and for the time being the locations may change from month to month.  (The location where the FDC had been meeting is under new management and this new management is hesitant to allow outside groups into the facility.)

There are no meetings over the summer (July and August) and no business meeting in December, although the Committee often holds a holiday party in December. In most years there is no business meeting in February, just the annual Democratic Caucus. The caucus date is subject to State Party guidelines.

The meetings of the Framingham Democratic Committee are open to the general public for observation; however, participation in the discussions, questions and answers is limited to Committee members and invited guests. Periodically the Committee also holds forums and other informational programs in which the general public is invited to participate.


For January 2024 the FDC will hold its meeting at a café called B Sisters, 680 Worcester Road, Framingham (Rt 9 eastbound).  This location is being used on a trial basis and if manageable it will be used regularly for future meetings.  See the FDC calendar for specific date and time.