May Business Meeting At McAuliffe

Meeting Will Be On Sunday May 19th

The next business meeting of the Framingham Democratic Committee will be on Sunday May 19, 2024 taking place at the McAuliffe Branch Library at 746 Water Street, Framingham.

The meeting is scheduled from 1:00pm to 3:30pm.

Zoom option is available for those who wish to participate remotely.


Congressional District Caucuses April 27

Election of National Delegates

The caucuses for electing delegates to the 2024 Democratic National Convention will take place on Saturday April 27th in each Massachusetts Congressional District.

For Congressional District 5, which Framingham is part of, the caucus will be held at Winchester High School, 80 Skilling’s Road, Winchester, Mass.

The caucus begins at 1pm.

Full list of caucuses:

Officers For 2024-26 Elected

Re-organization Meeting Elects New Officers

At the April 7, 2024 business meeting of the Framingham Democratic Committee the biennial re-organization electing a new executive board was conducted.  The following were elected to serve for the term 2024-26.

Chair: Doug Lawrence
Vice Chair: Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley
Secretary: Lori Bornstein
Treasurer: Larry Stoodt
Outreach: Cynthia Villanueva

2024 Caucus Results

Delegation Will Represent Framingham At State Convention

The Democratic caucus held on March 2, 2024 elected Framingham’s delegation to the 2024 Democratic State Convention taking place in June.

At this caucus 17 women, 14 men and 2 female alternates were elected.

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