It shall be the policy of the Framingham Democratic Committee that donations from the treasury may be made to support the purpose of the Committee as set forth in Article 1 of the By-Laws. The following confirm to Article 1 and are allowed by the policy:

  • Educational or informational programs that connect to the Democratic Party political activities.
  • Organizational efforts to support Democratic candidates and to get out the vote in Democratic Primaries.
  • Donations to the campaigns of Democratic candidates in general elections.
    Sponsorship of public debates on topics that concern both the Democratic Party and the entire community.

This policy shall also permit a memorial tribute in the event of a member’s death or hospitalization for a major illness.

Expenditure of funds for any of these purposes shall require a majority vote of the members at a regular meeting of the Committee.

Expenditures for regular operational expenses or unforeseen catastrophic events are provided for by Article 3 Section 5 of the by-laws and do not fall within this policy statement.

(Established in March 2005).


The Framingham Democratic Committee distribution list will not be used to share information for primary campaigns in which Framingham voters cannot vote.

Where a request to send information to the Framingham Democratic Committee distribution list is made from a Democratic candidate or campaign of a primary race in which Framingham voters can vote, in addition to sharing the information with the Committee’s distribution list, all other Democratic candidates for that primary race will be informed about this policy.

(Established in June 2007).