Shulman Honored On May 25

To Receive Framingham Senior Hero Award

FDC member Norma Shulman will be among the honorees at the 2023 Framingham Senior Heroes Awards.  Shulman will be recognized for her efforts in Public Service.

The award ceremony is at the Callahan Senior Center on May 25th.  Attendance by invitation only.  RSVP: 508-532-5980 by May 10th.

Resignation of FDC Chair

Hugo Resigns After Talk With Senate President

Framingham Democratic Committee Chair Mike Hugo resigned on March 2, 2023 after many calls for his resignation.  At the February 26 FDC business meeting a motion to consider removal of Hugo following inflammatory remarks he made at the February 7th City Council meeting was voted down 11 to 16 with 1 abstention.  Following discussion with Senate President Karen Spilka, Hugo has made the decision to resign.

In his press release he states:

“Recognizing my unfortunate misstatement at a recent City Council meeting, and upon discussing the issue with my wife, family, Senate President Karen Spilka, and various members of the Framingham Democratic Committee, I have decided that my resignation is necessary to eliminate any distraction from the important work of the local Democratic Committee, as well as the State Party. I thank the Committee members for their recent show of support in defeating a motion to even discuss my removal, thus this is of my own volition. However, I feel it is what is best for the Committee, my loved ones, my emotional and physical health, and our cause and those I serve in my work. While I am stepping down as Chair after over a decade of service as an officer, I plan to continue to do the work of the party. Even though I issued separate apologies to the City Council, The Framingham Democratic Committee, and the entire city within hours of the statement, I wish to reiterate that I am sorry for distracting from a major victory for freedom of choice, and for harm to the other-abled community at large.”


Votes From Feb 26 Meeting

Two Significant Motions Brought To Vote

At the February 26, 2023 business meeting of the Framingham Democratic Committee two motions were brought to vote in relation to remarks made by the FDC Chair Mike Hugo during the Feb 7 City Council meeting.

The first motion was for the FDC membership to endorse the statement from the FDC Executive Committee repudiating the chair’s remarks.  This motion passed with overwhelming support.

The second motion called for an agenda item to be included in the next (March) business meeting of the FDC for the members to consider removal of the chair and if so removed, to fill the vacancy by election.  This motion did not pass by a vote of 11-yes,  to 16-no with 1 abstention.


Apology From Chair

Statement of Apology and Press Release

At the February 7, 2023 Framingham City Council meeting FDC Chair Mike Hugo  made remarks in opposition to the establishment of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) in the City of Framingham.  In his remarks Chair Hugo made some offensive comments for which he has apologized.

The Framingham Democratic Committee’s Executive Committee issued a press release speaking out against the comments made by Chair Hugo.

Links to the chair’s letter of apology and press release follow:

Letter of apology by Mike Hugo:
Hugo’s statement of apology

Press release from Executive Committee: