August Event/Business Meeting

Hosted by Councilor Steiner

Photo credit: Melvin Poindexter

FDC members and guests gathered at the home of City Councilor Adam Steiner for the Committee’s annual summer event.  Also in attendance were DNC member Mel Poindexter, State Committee member Tina Poindexter, Senate President Karen Spilka and State Rep. Kate Donaghue. This gathering was a pot-luck featuring some tasty items donated by the FDC members. 

The event also featured a brief business meeting to allow potential associate members to introduce themselves for consideration at a future meeting.

With upcoming municipal elections, several candidates were invited to address the gathering and discuss their respective campaigns.

The next FDC business meeting will be on September 17, 2023 and will be conducted remotely on Zoom.  The FDC is continuing to find a meeting location post-COVID and expects to have meeting space for October and November.