Minutes March 20, 2022

Meeting Attendees 

Members: Mike Hugo, Robert Case, Beverly Hugo, Barbara LeDuc, Larry Stoodt, Cesar Stewart-Morales, Adam Steiner, Mel Warshaw, Norma Shulman, Chris Lorant, Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley, Kurt Fusaris, Margareth Shepard, Kathie McCarthy, Christopher Broyles, Jeanne Bullock,  Doug Lawrence, Thom Mahoney,  Cindy Rubin, Ohad Klopman,  Parwez Wahid, Barbara Fontes, David Magnani, Caraline Levy,  Yvonne Spicer, Jim Hansen, Leslie White Harvey, Adam Freudberg, Audrey Hall, Patrick Dunne


Associate Members: Tilia Klebenov Jacobs, Diane Markowitz


Guests: Marian Ryan, Kate Donaghue, Tanisha Sullivan, William Galvin


  • Call to Order, Welcome, Announcements and Updates – Chair Mike Hugo
  • The chair reviewed the agenda and called the meeting to order at 7 pm.

  • Meet the Candidates:
      • Secretary of State: William Galvin
        • Spoke for 10 minutes 
      • Candidate for Secretary of State: Tanisha Sullivan
        • Spoke for 10 minutes
      • Middlesex County District Attorney: Marian Ryan
        • Spoke 10 Minutes

  • Secretary Galvin Addresses 2 Framingham Issues
      • Question 1: FOIA abuse, Mike Hugo provided background
        • Frank Wood has created over 448 public record requests
        • Frank Wood is a fictitious name used by perhaps several people
        • Appeals from FW have been acted on by Secretary Galvin’s office
      • Secretary Galvin responded: I am disturbed to hear fictitious persons are using the Public Records Act
        • Community has 10 days to respond to FOIA requests
        • Requestor can be a person or corporation
        • Failure to adequately or timely respond can be appealed to Secretary Galvin, then to a court
        • I am not interested in having fictitious people submit requests (or use of an assumed name)
        • We do not accept such requests
        • City should tell us this is happening, we would reject the request
        • This is not a game, we would be glad to meet with the City Solicitor to discuss this
        • Statute provides that persons using FOIA to harass, they do not deserve to gain access, record holder can refuse to cooperate and inform Galvin’s office
        • City equipment…all communications (incl. Personal) are public
        • Private Equipment should be used for private communications, even so, public  communications are discoverable
        • Strongly recommend that the Supervisor of Public Records meet with and educate Framingham officials
  • Texts during meetings by officials are likely discoverable
    • Question 2: Norma Shulman on Framingham library restricting signature gathering outside the library
      • Signatures were being gathered on the library sidewalk, and we were directed to move from the parking lot sidewalk to Water Street sidewalk (off library property)
        • No written policy against this exists
        • Even a person holding a small sign was not permitted to walk up and down on the parking lot 
      • Secretary Galvin’s responses included: 
        • Recommend City Solicitor to meet with his office
        • There must be a written policy or outdoor spaces cannot be restricted
        • Restrictions must be grounded in a public interest such as safety, not arbitrary.
        • From what he hears, the policy must not be pursued in this manner


  • Acceptance of Minutes of February Meeting – Doug Lawrence, Acting Secretary
    • Motion to accept the February 6, 2022 minutes by Mike Hugo; seconded by McCarthy 
      • There was no discussion; motion approved unanimously.


  • Treasurer’s Report – Larry Stoodt, Treasurer  
    • As of today we had a balance of $4,029.94, all members are current on dues.
    • Motion to accept the report by Mike Hugo; seconded by Kathie McCarthy
      • Motion approved unanimously.


  • Report from City Council – Adam Steiner
    • Redoing City Website, reach out to the Mayor if you have input
    • Schools:  Council authorized Mayor to explored for purchase of Bethany property  for a new  Elementary School
    • Planning & Development reorganization is under way, Acting Director role is posted
    • Additional voting machines authorized for 27 precincts
    • 2 additional recreational marijuana locations licensed beyond currently authorized 6 locations
      •  Perhaps locations should be expanded also?
      • Can we encourage minority women ownership
    • 3 new Board of Health appointees confirmed
    • Budget discussions under way, starting with revenue
    • Are we funding environment, diversity so that things actually happen?


  • Report from School Committee – Beverly Hugo
  • Voted to ask Council and Mayor to acquire Bethany
  • Planning for FY 2023 Budget is starting, key vote is March 30th
  • Environment Committee meeting tomorrow, 2 year carbon footprint policy will be discussed

  • Report from School Committee – Adam Freudberg
  • Budget book is online
  • Request will be voted and sent to Mayor on 30 March
    • Comprehensive climate policy, not just buildings
    • Unit A teachers contract done and approved, more flexibility is included


  • Update on State Convention – Parwez Wahid
    • Program for first time delegates is in progress
    • Norma Shulman says committee has encouraged alternates to apply as add-ons


  • Report from our House Delegation, – No reps were present


  • Environment Subcommittee – Larry Stoodt
    • Resolution:  recommend 3 points to the City Council as Agenda Item to be discussed at a future Council meeting
      • Climate Action Plan preparation – appropriate $130K
      • City policy that fleet will take every opportunity to move from fossil to electric fuel
      • Solar – way behind surrounding communities
    • Vote:   Passed unanimously, with Councilors Adam and Cesar abstaining 


  • Legislative Committee –  Doug Lawrence
    • Legislative Committee made a motion to endorse the Fair Share Amendment, otherwise known as the millionaires tax, a 4% surcharge on income above $1M.  Doug read the full text of the Amendment, which can be found here:  https://ballotpedia.org/Massachusetts_Income_Tax_for_Education_and_Transportation_Amendment_(2022)
    • Motion Passed: Unanimously


  • Candidate Signatures – Norma Shulman
    • Some  of our delegates have not signed all candidates!
    • Please come sign!   Sign for more than one candidates, and up and down the ballot
    • See you ALL at the library to sign papers, 2 days / week for 2 hours
    • Also hours at Stop & Shop on OCP, and Market Basket in Ashland


  • Anti Racism – Rozzy Hooper Hamersley
    • 15 responses are in on the survey so far
    • Would really like 100% responses


  • Other Business – Mike Hugo
    • Appointment of a Nominating Committee –  Mike Hugo
      • Mel Warshaw, Yvonne Spicer, Chris Broyles, Barbara Fontes
    • Male seat vacancy at Framingham Democrats – will consider nominations at April meeting
    • Raising money for MetroWest Blue and Beyond (Sen Dave Magnani) for voter registration in swing states to take on voter suppression
      • Arizona, PA, NC targeting adding under-represented populations


  • Meet the State House of Representative Candidates
    • Kate Donaghue – 19th Worcester
      • No Democratic opponent so far, but a declared Republican
      • Westboro/ Southboro and parts of Framingham
      • Door knocking every day
      • Setting up weekly phone banks and seeking volunteers
    • Margareth Shepard – 6th Middlesex
      • Volunteers are knocking doors
      • www.MargarethforStateRep.com to sign up
      • Organizing a South Side voter registration event
        • South Side is still majority white in registrations
      • Need to increase voter education on new Districts


  • Other Business 
    • Norma Shulman: 2 events coming up, please attend!
      • 1) Please join the DSC’s AAPI Caucus and Women’s Outreach Subcommittee to celebrate Women’s History Month with a chat with Rep. Maria Robinson.
        From Write-In to White House, come hear a conversation with Rep. Robinson (D-Framingham) talking about her victories in the Legislature and her nomination 
      • 2) Please join the DSC’s Women’s Outreach Subcommittee and special guest Maranda Lee, the Out of State Director of Organize NH. Maranda will share how we can help volunteer in New Hampshire.  The virtual event will be Tuesday, April 19th at 6PM.
        Register in advance for this meeting:
    • Need to get new precinct / district maps on our web site – P. Dunne
    • Dr Spicer: Library is hosting a discussion entitled “She’s beautiful when she’s angry” on Women’s rights, Dr Spicer and Priscila Sousa will be on the panel.  Please attend!
    • Larry Stoodt:  23rd is Earth Day, Please come out and be heard! On the Common
    • Mike Hugo:  Motion to allow spending of $300 for FDC pins to be worn at canvassing events, seconded by K. McCarthy.  There was no discussion, motion passed unanimously.


  • Adjourn at 9:05, moved by Kathy McCarthy, seconded by Larry Stoodt, passed by acclaimation.


Respectfully Submitted,

Doug Lawrence
Acting Secretary, FDC


Special Note: If you or a loved one are experiencing any issues that we can help with during this extraordinary time please contact the Chair or any Officer and we will do all we can to get services or meet any needs that we can for that person, we would be honored to render discreet aid to anyone in need, to the best of our abilities.

Next FDC Meeting Date: April 10, 2022 at 7:00