Convention Briefing Recording

Briefing Held May 14th At Library

A briefing was held on May 14, 2022 at the Framingham Public Library to provide vital information for delegates and alternates attending this year’s Democratic State Convention.

Zoom recording (this will download to your computer, then play as an MP4):

A video of this briefing was recorded by Norma Shulman and can be viewed on Facebook:

LG Candidates At May Meeting

5 Candidates Seek Lt. Governor Nomination 

The May business meeting of the Framingham Democratic Committee will feature presentations from the 5 Democratic candidates contesting in the Democratic primary for Lt. Governor in 2022.

Presenting will be: Bret Bero, Kim Driscoll, Tami Gouveia, Adam Hinds and Eric Lesser.

The meeting beings at 7pm and will be conducted virtually on Zoom.

FDC Officers Elected


At the April 10, 2022 business meeting of the Framingham Democratic Committee the biennial election of officers was held.  The following were elected without opposition:

Chair: Mike Hugo, serving second term

Co-Vice Chair: Rozzie Hooper-Hamersley, serving third term

Co-Vice Chair: Cesar Stewart-Morales, serving second term

Secretary: Doug Lawrence
Treasurer: Larry Stoodt, serving third term
Co-Chair Outreach: Dr. Yvonne Spicer
Co-Chair Outreach: Parwez Wahid, serving first full term

Find New District

Link To State House Site Map Shows New District

Following the 2020 census district lines were redrawn.  Framingham was impacted as follows:

6th Middlesex is shifted from its present configuration to now represent precincts on the south side of Framingham.

7th Middlesex has been adjusted, taking some portions of the old 6th Middlesex.

13th Middlesex will no longer include Framingham.

4th Middlesex will now include a portion of Framingham

19th Worcester has been created and will include a precinct in Framingham

The link below will show new district location by entering street address (Read more…)