Magnani Testimony On Chapter 70

Reported by Mike Hugo:

“Last Sunday night (March 24, 2019) , we discussed the future of Chapter 70 Education Funding. (Fmr) Sen. Magnani addressed us and discussed his testimony from last Friday’s hearing.  

As promised, David has sent us his written testimony, and I am distributing it to you for your information.

For those who attended, we heard from our Civics Education Chair, Dr. Pat Dunne, and had a wonderful discussion with Isabella Petroni about the formation of the Youth Commission, and what is happening in our high school, and will be shaping our future with input of various student/youth participants as we move forward.  Hopefully, we are going to be hearing from other groups in the coming months. ”

Read Magnani’s testimony (PDF):
Sen. Magnani Testimony on chapter 70 re-authorization