Framingham Add-On Delegates for 2018 DSC

Nine Framingham Democrats Selected for Add-On Delegates

In addition to Framingham’s elected delegation, 9 Democrats from Framingham will also attend the 2018 Democratic State Convention in Worcester as add-on delegates.  The Massachusetts Democratic Party grants additional delegates for under-represented demographics.  The following add-on applicants were selected by the Democratic State Committee:

1. Shahid Khan (Affirmative Action)

2. Gloria Pascual (Affirmative Action)

3. Jose Ivan Roman (Affirmative Action) 

4. Leslie Smart (Affirmative Action)

5. Cesar Stewart-Morales (Affirmative Action) 

6. Ohad Klopman (Youth)

7. Sandra Petrakis (Youth)

8. Priscila Sousa (Youth)

9. Linda Fields (Disabilities)

Congratulations to these add-on delegates.