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OpEd – Why Massachusetts Needs Jay Gonzalez

Gwen Holbrow’s op-ed published in Metrowest Daily News

The Metrowest Daily News has published the op-ed piece written by FDC member Gwen Holbrow in which she makes a strong case for the election of Democratic nominee Jay Gonzalez over incumbent govenor Charlie Baker.

In this op-ed Gwen writes about the perception that Baker is good manager, stating that “Baker is a Poor Manager. Baker uses the Republican strategy of promising lower taxes and then using decreased revenue to justify cutting services. Baker’s campaign site says “Major reforms to the MBTA have improved reliability for riders, and cost savings have led to a more efficient system.” Riders know the MBTA is a mess.”

Read the full op-ed at:

Campaign Office Open All Week

MW Coordinated Campaign Office Open Mon-Fri for GOTV

The office is located on the 4th floor at 1071 Worcester Road (Rt  9 west-bound), corner of Maynard Road and Route 9.  For GOTV starting October 29th through election day the office be open all week.

Norma Shulman reports: “We are working on a plan to have the campaign office open all this week Monday-Friday, 11:30-7:00 (Wednesday until 8:00).

We will be available for sign pick ups, making recruitment of volunteers phone calls, organizing canvassing packets, AND picking up and dropping off CANVASSING TURF! 

The dialer will be available to call MA voters on Wednesday 5:00-8:00. Bring a laptop or tablet AND phone (headset if possible). This was very successful over the weekend totell people about earlyt voting, help undecideds, and motivate voters to get out the vote.

I am rushing this out, as I have to go open the office shortly. 

Get those early voters moving! Make these weekdays work!!!

Please share this.”

Robinson Fund Raiser Oct 28

Magnanis Host Event for Maria Robinson

David & Nanette Magnani are hosting an event in support of Maria Robinson, candidate for the 6th Middlesex House seat.

This takes on Sunday October 28, 2018 from 6:30pm to 8pm. Address for the event is 13 Cherry Oca Lane, Framingham, Mass.

Event flier (PDF) : MDR_Flier_Oct28a

Help Out Of State Races

Support Democrats Nation-wide

A message from FDC member Kurt Fusaris:

“While it is important that we support Democrats up and down the ballot here in Massachusetts and in Framingham, the upcoming midterm elections are critically important for the future of our country.  In addition to our efforts locally, we should do whatever we can to promote Democrats nationwide.  The following are candidates to whom I would suggest we make a generous contribution in an effort to elect them in November.  I don’t expect us to be able to contribute to all of them, but if there are a few on this list that you can help out, that could help.  If you can spread the word and get others to contribute as well, that is even better.

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Volunteer for GOTV

Oppotunities For Oct 27-28 & Nov 3 -6

The Metrowest Coordinated Campaign Office is located at:
1071 Worcester Road (Rt 9 westbound), Framingham.

A message from Diana Goswami, Field Director:

“Hi everyone!

We are only 2 weeks away from Election Day – help us shape the most important election of our lifetimes.
We have an opportunity before us to channel our frustration with the current political climate into positive and productive action.  We can transform the *blue wave* into actual, tangible votes for Democrats up and down the ticket.  We can’t afford to stand in the sidelines anymore.  Now is your time to jump in.
Research consistently shows that canvassing is THE most effective way to get Democrats to the polls.  Please sign up for our Get out the Vote canvasses here:

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