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A Special Message From The Chair

FDC Chair Appreciates The Efforts Put In For 2018

As we begin to decompress and sit back and take in the results of our hard work over the past several months, I want to take a moment to thank those who played such a key role in helping to reshape the dialog that has driven our nation so far towards the wrong direction since that horrible day two years ago when all common sense and decency left our way of life.

I have often said that the best dividend that the Trump administration left for Framingham is our deeply committed and exceptionally dedicated cadre of new faces and friends who have chosen to be energized, rather than defeated by this Administration’s hateful and divisive antics!  In this iteration of political warfare, we saw many of the faces that emerged to help us during the last presidential election, and got to meet so many new people who came out to help us make change.

Whether it is a person who helped us knock doors and ring phones for the first time, or whether it is a veteran of the last presidential cycle, or a seasoned regular worker-bee who has canvassed for decades, Framingham was blessed by those from the rolls of our membership lists as a democratic Committee.  Most of the Framingham Democratic Committee’s members did everything they could from put out a lawn sign to travel to Maine to help Jared Golden and Janet Mills, or all the way Texas to sleep wherever a fellow Democrat would host them to work for Beto. Framingham was well represented, and I cannot thank you enough!

It is through grass-roots organization and endless energy, that our party took back the House, and, as a result, is now in charge of any and all federal expenditures, oversight investigations, and revealing the truth to the American people.

With the exception of the gubernatorial race, all of our Constitutional Offices remain Democratic, and our state delegation will always be looked at with respect for their roots and their intellect.  While Maria has a steep learning curve ahead of her, I can think of nobody who is better mentally equipped to take on the challenges she will be met with from day one on the Hill. And, who better than the Senate President to have as a sister-in-arms and a mentor?

I will close by saying that I could not be more proud of our membership for the tireless advocacy, energetic action and incredible heart shown over this midterm political period.

Thank you all!

Beverly Hugo, Chair
Framingham Democratic Committee



Ballot Question On Fuller Middle School

Elections are not over for voters in Framingham. A special election is scheduled for Tuesday December 11, 2018 on the question of replacing the Fuller Middle School.

There will be no early voting for this special election, just the one election day of December 11th.  Those who are unable to vote on the day of the special election can vote by absentee ballot.

At the October business meeting of the Framingham Democratic Committee the membership voted on a resolution to endorse a “YES” vote on this ballot question.  See the resolution at:
 FDC Resolution on Fuller.


Maria Robinson Making History

Robinson Will Be First Korean-American Serving On Beacon Hill

Framingham’s Maria Robinson was elected to represent the 6th Middlesex House seat. She had no opposition on the ballot in the November 6th election after winning the primary this past September by a wide margin.  (A write-in candidate did challenge her in the general election falling well short.)

Maria, who is of Korean heritage, will be the first person of color to represent the 6th Middlesex which is comprised of precincts 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 15 in Framingham.

Story in Metrowest Daily News:

Senator Markey Rallies Volunteers

Nov 5 GOTV At MW Coordinated Campaign Office

Elected officials at the MW Campaign Office on Nov 5th
(l-r) Rep. Jack Lewis, Rep. David Linsky, Mayor Yvonne Spicer, US Senator Ed Markey, and Dr. Susan Blumenthal (Markey’s wife).
Credit : Norma Shulman

Norma Shulman reports: Senator Ed Markey and his wife Susan stopped by the Metrowest Campaign HQ to rally the volunteers for the last day before the Election. Mayor Yvonne Spicer, Representative David Linsky, and Representative Jack Lewis greeted the Senator and said a few words. There was a full house in the HQ meeting room! They even filmed a GOTV PSA to put online.
There is Facebook LIVE video shared to the Framingham Democrats Facebook page.

Jay Gonzalez Kicks-off Canvassing Nov 3

The Democratic Party’s nominee for Governor of Massachusetts, Jay Gonzalez, visited Framingham on November 3, 2018 at the Metrowest Coordinated Campaign Office. With just three days to the elections Jay stopped in to give encouragement and thanks to the volunteers for their final efforts leading up to Tuesday’s midterm.

Jay spoke to a room packed with volunteers who would spend the day canvassing and making phone calls to remind voters to go to polls on November 6th.