Shulman 2020 Elector

Norma Shulman Elected to Mass Democratic Electoral College For 2020

At the August 8th meeting of the Democratic State Committee, DSC and FDC member Norma Shulman was elected to serve on the Massachusetts Electoral College pledged to Joe Biden.

In presenting her candidacy for elector, Norma stated:

“I am a lifelong Democrat, 20-year member (and past chair) of the Framingham Democratic Committee, a decade-long caucus seat member of the Massachusetts State Committee, co-chair of the MassDems Women’s Outreach Subcommittee, field director or field organizer on numerous campaigns, and volunteer on many more. For more years than I will admit, I have participated in canvassing, phone banks, text banks, recruiting and training volunteers, VoteBuilder administration, planning and running events and forums, tables at concerts and other venues, lawn sign distributions and decorating the polls, social media, coordinated campaigns, GOTV, rallies conventions, coffees, parades, caucuses, debate watch parties, visibilities, signature drives, voter registration drives, recounts, press releases, letters to the editor, cable TV programming and more.”