Two New Members Added at March Meeting

Two Vacancies Filled on March 18

At the March 18th meeting of the Framingham DTC, 2 vacancies in the regular 35-member body were filled. Gwen Holbrow and Robert Case, formerly associate members, were elected by acclamation to the 35-member body of the Framingham Democratic Town Committee.

Congratulations to both; they will serve until the next Committee reorganization in 2020.

Framingham Democratic Caucus – Feb 11, 2018 Photos

Framingham Democratic Caucus 2018

Results of the 2018 Framingham Democratic Caucus

Framingham Democrats caucused on Sunday February 11, 2018 to elect Framingham’s delegation to the 2018 Democratic State Convention.  Framingham has been allocated 36 delegates that includes 1 ex-officio delegate, 35 elected delegates and 6 alternates.

The 35 delegates are gender balanced 17 female, 17 male the final delegate of either gender.  The 6 alternates are also gender balanced 3 female and 3 male.

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Membership Roster Changes

5 Associate Members Move to Voting Members and 1 New Life Member

At the January 21, 2018 Framingham DTC business meeting, 9 associate members contested for 5 vacancies in the FDTC regular membership.

The following former associate members are now regular voting members of the Committee:

– Larry Stoodt
– Barbara Fontes
– Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley
– Kurt Fusaris
– Maria Robinson

Congratulations to these members.  They will serve until the next Committee reorganization in 2020.

In addition Linda Fields has reached 20 year life-member status.  In fact she had reached this status 2  years ago. Congratulations to Linda on her service to the Framingham DTC.

In Memory of Stephanie Mercandetti



It is with deep sorrow that I share with you that our beloved member, Stephanie Mercandetti, has passed away today (Jan 14, 2018), having courageously battled cancer for several months. She is remembered by all as a warm, joyful and compassionate woman whose giving and positive nature touched our lives and our community. Stephanie was soon to become a life member of the Framingham Democratic Town Committee, having served for almost twenty years, formerly as our Vice-Chair and as a Democratic State Committee member.  She will be sorely missed by all. Our Committee sends its most sincere condolences to her family, friends and to all who shared in her life.

Beverly Hugo, Chair