State Convention To Be Re-Scheduled

Platform Convention To Be Held In Fall

At the January 28th meeting of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee voted to move the annual state convention to the Fall of 2021; specific date to be determined.

This being the year following a presidential election the MDP sets its platform for the next election cycle.  Due to the pandemic restrictions the MDP was considering holding the 2021 convention remotely.  The indications coming from National Institute of Health, re-openings are expected to be taking place later this year that would permit an in-person convention.

By moving the convention date to the Fall the MDP is keeping options open to hold either an in-person or remote convention.

National Day of Service – Jan 18th

Accepting Donations For Dignity Matters

The Framingham Democratic Committee is participating in the National Day of Service on January 18th in conjunction with the Biden-Harris Inaugural Committee for that important day!!! The FDC will be partnering with neighboring communities.

The Committee has has received approval from the Inaugural Committee to collect items for the work of Dignity Matters in Framingham ( The folks at our local Dignity Matters are pleased and grateful that we are running this donation drive!!

The following critical items include:

  • Pads and Tampons (the package can be open if each item is individually wrapped)
  • Incontinence supplies (for bladder leakage such as Poise and Depends – can also be in open packages)
  • New or “like new” bras (so they shouldn’t be very damaged or worn)
  • Underwear (brand new with tags or in a package)

Purchased items may be dropped off at:

28 Savoy Road
Framingham, Mass.

Orders can be made online as well using this link:


MA Elector and FDC member Norma Shulman votes in 2020 Electoral College