2019 Framingham Democratic Caucus

Caucus To Be Held May 19

Framingham Democrats will caucus on Sunday May 19 for the purpose of electing Framingham’s delegation to the 2019 Democratic State Convention.

The Framingham delegation will consist of 34 delegates, 17 male, 17 female, and 6 alternates, also gender balanced, 3 male, 3 female.

The caucus will be held at the Community Room of the Framingham Green 136 Maynard Road, Framingham. All caucus attendees are reminded to park their vehicles outside the Green’s property using the parking lot at 1071 Wocester Road (corner of Maynard Road and Rt. 9).

Caucus call-to-order is 7pm.  Registration begins at 6pm and will close 15 minutes after call-to-order.  (The website calendar shows the start time at 6pm which is actually start of registration.) Following the caucus there will be a brief business meeting.

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Delegate Selection For 2020 DNC

The Massachusetts Democratic Party has released its delegate selection plan for 2020 delegates attending the Democratic National Convention. (The DNC will be held in July 2020 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.)

See the plan (PDF) at:

Massachusetts will be represented by 114 delegates and 8 alternates at the 2020 DNC.  Of this 114 delegates, 59 pledged delegates will be elected at the Congressional District caucus taking place in April next year.  The remaining 55 delegates consist of at-large delegates, and unpledged or “super” delegates.  The at-large delegates will be elected at the Democratic State Committee meeting in May of 2020.

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MDP Announces Dates Electing 2020 DNC Delegates

The race to the White House is already underway as the Democratic Primary field of candidates continues to grow. The Massachusetts primary is now less than 12 months away.

Following the primary Congressional District caucuses will be held to elect delegates who will attend the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) taking place in Milwaukee. After delegates are elected at the district causes, at-large delegates will be elected at a meeting of the Democratic State Committee.

Please mark your calendar for these dates:

 – Saturday April 25, 2020 : Congressional District caucus to elect delegates
 – Saturday May 16, 2020 :DSC meeting to elect PLEO and At-Large delegates

The locations and times for the caucuses and the DSC meeting will be determined later

Magnani Testimony On Chapter 70

Reported by Mike Hugo:

“Last Sunday night (March 24, 2019) , we discussed the future of Chapter 70 Education Funding. (Fmr) Sen. Magnani addressed us and discussed his testimony from last Friday’s hearing.  

As promised, David has sent us his written testimony, and I am distributing it to you for your information.

For those who attended, we heard from our Civics Education Chair, Dr. Pat Dunne, and had a wonderful discussion with Isabella Petroni about the formation of the Youth Commission, and what is happening in our high school, and will be shaping our future with input of various student/youth participants as we move forward.  Hopefully, we are going to be hearing from other groups in the coming months. ”

Read Magnani’s testimony (PDF):
Sen. Magnani Testimony on chapter 70 re-authorization

Resolution Passed Endorsing Green New Deal

Larry Stoodt reports:

At the March 24, 2019 business meeting the Framingham Democratic Committee wholeheartedly passed a resolution endorsing H.Res. 109 Recognizing the Duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal. In light of UN IPCC‘s warning to take action to reduce and eliminate fossil fuel use by 2030, and US Global Change Research Program documenting current and future impacts of green house gases the FDC calls for Congress to mobilize an immediate response to the growing crisis.

Recognizing some degree of climate change can no longer be stopped we call on Congress to take bipartisan immediate action to mitigate current results, and to do everything to stop adding to the problem.

See resolution (PDF):
Resolution for a Green New Deal