FDC Endorses Stewart-Morales

First Endorsement Ever By Committee

At its July 18, 2021 business meeting the Framingham Democratic Committee passed an amendment to its by-laws by which the Committee may endorse candidates for election.

At the same meeting the Committee endorsed Cesar Stewart-Morales for City Council, District 2.

Stewart-Morales becomes the first candidate ever endorsed by the Framingham Democratic Committee.


Memorial For Jack Duffy

Services Were Held In Wellesley

FDC member John “Jack” Duffy passed away on June 6, 2021 after a struggle with cancer.  A memorial service was held on June 30, 2021 at the Wellesley Village Church.  (Jack and his wife Carmen moved to Framingham from Wellesley during the mid-2000s.)

Many of the FDC membership attended the service.  FDC Chair Mike Hugo was asked to be one of the presenters sharing thoughts about Jack.  His comments are published here.

Remarks about Jack Duffy
Michael Hugo
June 30, 2021

When I look back at my 15-year friendship with Jack Duffy, I think about what was important to him and what he loved the most.(Read more…)


Elected Delegates Representing Framingham At 2021 DSC

The Framingham Democratic caucus to elect delegates to the 2021 Democratic State Convention was held on Sunday June 27th at Edwards Church in Framingham.  Seventeen male delegates and 10 female delegates were elected.  The 7 vacant female seats are returned to the Democratic State Committee for the add-on pool.  No alternates were elected.

The 2021 Democratic State Convention is the platform convention to adopt the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s platform for the current election cycle.  The state convention will be held on September 25th in Lowell, Mass.

(Read more…)

Platform Hearings

Seven Hearings Scheduled Across State

In the year following a presidential election, the Massachusetts Democratic Party re-sets its party platform.

Platform hearings are conducted to gather testimony on issues that will be included on the platform planks.  Due to  gathering restrictions the hearings for 2021 are being conducted virtually.  (As gathering restrictions ease, in-person hearings are planned as well.)

Schedule of hearings:

To register for a platform hearing and obtain Zoom link information visit: