Minutes of Jan 2019

Framingham Democratic Committee
136 Maynard Rd, Community Room
Framingham, MA 01701

Meeting Minutes – Sunday, January 13, 2019

Call to Order: Beverly Hugo, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM
Welcome/Announcements: Thank you for what you do. Reminder that on January
20, 2019, Campaign Finance Reports are due; May 1, 2019 Nomination Papers will be
available at City Hall; Swearing in ceremonies upcoming at the State House for State
Rep. Jack P. Lewis, State Rep. Maria D. Robinson & Senate Pres. Karen Spilka.
Hospitality – Amanda Northrop is to be commended for her service. There is now an
opening for the head. Reminder that Membership Dues will be due by April 1st:
Members $20; Associate Members $15, if able to pay. Please talk to our Treasurer
Larry if you need the fee waived, no questions asked; Total – 80 members, Associate
and Life.

Attendance: Members- Jeanne Bullock, Robert Case, Carmen Chico, Jack Duffy,
Patrick Dunne, Barbara Fontes, Adam Freudberg, Kurt Fusaris, Gwendolyn Holbrow,
Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley, Beverly Hugo, Michael Hugo, Barbara LeDuc, State Rep.
Jack P. Lewis, Christopher Lorant, Thomas Mahoney, Kathie McCarthy, Farooq Mirza,
Amanda Northrop, Joan Rastani, State Rep. Maria D. Robinson, Cindy Rubin,
Margareth Shepard, Norma Shulman, Cheryl Tully Stoll, Larry Stoodt, Parwez Wahid,
Mel Warshaw. Lifetime: Linda Fields. Associate Members: Mary Kate Feeney, Jim
Hansen, Vanessa Pendexter, Dhruba Sen, Amanda Shepard, Priscila Sousa, Adam
Steiner, Cesar Stewart-Morales.

Next month’s charity: Wilma Slaight spoke- Friends of the Framingham Public
Library – February Charity, seeking new and gently used books and financial
donations. Volunteer group, 367 members, supports the work of both libraries, Main
& McAuliffe; 2018 budget $105,500 ($15,000 to bookmobile) supplement library
budget; free programs – concerts, movies, children’s; approx. 12,000 have attended;
free discount passes – museums. Donate books to A Place to Turn, MCI, Framingham
Adult ESL program. Book Sale every 3rd Sat/per month. Handouts were distributed.
Reports from the Hill & the House: Legislators in attendance-State Rep. Maria D.
Robinson – “busy week”, finish bill drafting; co-sponsor Emergency Supplement bill to
pay Coast Guard; Issues – climate change, electric vehicle, “0” energy building. State
Rep. Jack P. Lewis – filing bills, including one for Kim Comatas – to mandate that HS &
college ID have emergency number related to suicide; also a bill for a solar mandate;
environmental MASS available online Feb 1, 2019.
City Reports: City Councilors – Cheryl Tully Stoll – budget is being prepared (if you
would like to see, contact Mayor’s Office), Council can cut, not add, so if you have

issues contact the Mayor’s office. Planning Bd. considering over 55 affordable
Adam Steiner – Youth Council has been proposed, 13 young people, ages 13-22
representing the city of Framingham. Each councilor would nominate 1 candidate &
the mayor 2 candidates. February 19, 2019 – second reading with City Council.

Strategic Initiative & Financial Oversight Committee (SIFOC) created per Charter to
advise the mayor, city council & school committee on the status of Framingham’s long
range strategic plan, the state of the municipal economy, sufficiency of municipal
revenues & other fiscal matters that may be referred to it. Recruiting 9 members – 3
chosen by city council, 3 by school committee & 3 by the mayor, one Mayor pick
includes the chair. Members still in the nomination process for City Council & School
Com. The Community Preservation Act (CPA) has been referred to the Environmental
Committee for consideration, then will go to Finance Com.

Margareth Shepard – urged FDC support of the discussion of the recommendation to
the City Council to propose a ballot question to adopt the Community Preservation Act
(CPA). Also, discussed the ordinance proposed by FHS students to establish the
Framingham Youth Council, to create a positive & effective channel for political
participation by our city’s youth.

School Committee: Adam Freudberg and Beverly Hugo-Discussed the District Wide
Strategic Plan and how the FY’20 will align with it; Fuller Middle School Building
Project-Debt Exclusion Override won with an impressive 86% support from voters.
Next Fuller Building Committee meeting-January 24, 2019.
All present sung “Happy Birthday” to Beverly Hugo and enjoyed cake, compliments
of Adam.

Evening Programming: Rosamond Hooper Hamersley, Programming Co-Chair,
introduced 3 speakers on “Combating Opioid Misuse in Our Communities”
Nancy Paull, CEO, Stanley Street Treatment and Resources (SSTAR), began in 1977 in
Fall River as a drug/alcohol detoxification outpatient center. Currently, “whole person
health”; Addiction – chronic relapse; brain disease. She urged for improved school
policies and suggested a Hotline similar to HS in Wayland & Wellesley. Addicts
recover but are not cured-goal is to manage successfully. Their model is “open access
care” – 7:30AM – 6:00PM serving over 1,700. U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III supports
SSTAR’s efforts to build a new facility in Fall River, which is a controversial topic in
her city.

Cathy Miles, co-founder of Framingham Force; (Fostering Opioid Recovery
Compassion & Education) discussed their “Words Matter” pledge (handout) “I Pledge
to stop the stigma associated with addiction.” Asked our members to sign onto the

Michael Hugo, member of DA Marian Ryan’s Opioid Task Force; V.P Mass. Association
of Health Boards. Stop stigmatizing people who suffer from the medical condition of
addiction; change the wording, “Substance Use Disorder” (SUD) as referred to in
medical journals, less stigmatic than using negative terms (i.e. addict, druggie,
abuser). First responders and clinicians now treat population with SUD as “patients”rather than as abusers. DA Marian Ryan & Sheriff Peter Koutoujian have funding for
jail diversion programs & opioid & addiction related issues. MA BSAS Bureau of
Substance & Addiction Services supplies grants and many written resources to
municipalities. Framingham Board of Health is distributing free Narcan with training
to all residents.

Secretary’s Report: Barbara Fontes – Approval of Minutes of 11/18/18 with
corrections. Motion to accept – N. Shulman; second – C. Lorant. Passed unanimously
Treasurer’s Report: Larry Stoodt – December 31, 2018
Starting Balance as on November 30, 2018 $4,034.91
Income CU Dividends as on 12/31/18 $0.33
Total Income for Period $0.33
Balance + Income 4,035.24
Reimbursement Katherine Clark for Congress1 <100.00>
Total Expenses for Period <100.00>
Balance as of 12/31/18 $3935.24
1 On 12/27/18, we received notification that Rep. Clark, because of regulations, could not donate to the State Committee reception we were sponsoring. Subsequently, we returned the $100 donation.

Election of 35 Conference Delegates filling vacancy in 2MN Senate Dist.
List of nominations read, all 17 male delegates elected unanimous; 17 male, Female
election was contested and 17 were elected from a field of 19. For our 35th seat, Mayor
Spicer was unopposed and elected by acclamation but with 2 abstentions. Caucus –
Sat, Feb 9, 2019, Ashland Community Center, Rt. 135 & State Park Rd, Ashland.

For the list of delegates elected, please see Addendum.

Subcommittee Reports: Civics Ed – P. Dunne. Legislative – K. Fusaris & B. LeDuc –
discussion/vote on a resolution of the FDC on the Promise Act – Passed; Bill to Repeal
Fault Grounds in Divorce Proceedings – motion to approve by J. Duffy, seconded by C.
Lorant, majority vote approved, but with 1 in opposition and 1 abstention; Bill to
Repeal Archaic Laws, motion to approve by J. Bullock, second by L. Stoodt, Majority
vote with 1 in opposition.

State Committee Reports: Chris Lorant – State Democratic Committee spoke of his
work on the Disability Subcommittee. N. Shulman “No Hate…” lawn signs being
distributed in local retail stores, proponents collected $500 in donations to add
Portuguese. P. Wahid – discussed upcoming State Committee election conference
(discussed above), very important vote, the 3 candidates are State Rep. Jack P. Lewis –
Framingham, Robert Floyd – Holliston & Frank D’ Urso – Hopkinton.

Motion to ratify the return of a $100 donation to the State Committee meeting hosted
by our Committee errantly donated by U.S. Rep. Katherine Clark’s office – K. McCarthy;
second – L. Fields. This item is discussed in the Treasurer’s Report. The Katherine Clark
Committee donated $100.00 towards the FDC hosting of the Mass Dems meeting at FHS.
The money was to be returned per order of the OCPF, so the Treasurer accounted for the
return in the report.

Beverly Hugo – Thanked the attendees for their donations for Pathways. She thanked
the Hospitality Committee, saying “We have the best refreshments.”
Motion to adjourn – B. LeDuc; second – R. Hooper-Hamersley.
FDC meeting adjourned at 9:18PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara J. Fontes, Secretary