Minutes – October 21, 2018

Framingham Democratic Committee

136 Maynard Rd.

Framingham, MA 01701

 Sunday, October 21, 2018

Pot Luck Social 6:00 PM – Enjoyed by all present!

Diana Goswami – Field Director for Elizabeth Warren for Senate.  From Sudbury, worked in Washington, D.C.   GOTV/Coordinated Campaign.  Office 1071 Worcester Rd., Framingham, 01701.

Guest Speaker – Quentin Palfrey, Democratic Nominee for Lt. Governor.  L. Bornstein hosted a party for Quentin Palfrey. Invest in youth, communities of color, first-time voters; “Diversity is our strength.”  Jay has a vision – investing in transportation and early childhood education; gov’t that leads; make a difference at local level.

Watch Party – Massachusetts U.S. Senate Candidates’ Debate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren vs. Geoff Diehl.

Enthusiastic viewing.

Call to Order:  Beverly Hugo, Chair, called the meeting to order at 8:00 PM (approx.)

Charitable Donation – Joe Mina, Dir. Pearl St. Cupboard & Café.  Food program est. 2010, staff of 3; 8,000 people after 1st yr., currently 72,000.  Regional – Metro-West, hub for Boston Food Bank. Connected with “Meals on Wheels”; “Call to Talk” (suicide prevention program); Natick Service Council; Place to Turn.  Hunger Network Program est. 2012.  Provides fresh produce &  gluten free;

“Feed a Family through December” 2,500 turkeys, 450,000 lbs. of food.

Attendance:  Members:  Lori Bornstein, Craig(Chris) Broyles, Jeanne Bullock, Carmen Chico, Jack Duffy, Patrick Dunne, Barbara Fontes, Adam Freudberg, Kurt Fusaris, Gwendolyn Holbrow, Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley, Beverly Hugo, Michael Hugo, Barbara LeDuc, Christopher Lorant, Kathie Mc Carthy, Amanda Northrop, Cindy Rubin, Margareth B. Shepard, Norma Shulman, Larry Stoodt, Parwez Wahid, Mel Warshaw.  Lifetime Members:  Linda Fields, Bettie Muto.  Associate Members:  Jim Hansen, Vanessa Pendexter, Adam Steiner.  Candidate Sign In:  Quentin Palfrey.

Guest Sign In:  Noureen Sultana.

State House and Capitol Hill Reports – Legislators in attendance:  No

City of Framingham Reports:

Mayor Spicer – No

City Councilors – Adam Steiner – Fuller Resolution; Police Dept. – 10/23/18 police chief approving Mayor Spicer’s choice.  Fuller Discussion – 10/24/18.

School Committee – Adam Freudberg – Fuller Middle School Building Project.  Support from state legislature will help Framingham schools.  FY’20 budget project.

Secretary’s Report (April 22, 2018, June 24, 2018) Approval of Minutes – Barbara Fontes.

Motion to approve – M. Hugo; Second – C. Lorant.  No discussion; Approval – unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report –  October 21, 2018 – Larry Stoodt.

Balance as of 9/30/2018  $3, 891.61.

Income:  Dues                                                     $60.00

                   CU Dividends as of 9/30/2018         0.32

Total Income:                                                      $60.32

Previous Balance + Income:                        $3,951.93


Reimbursement (various supplies)  $14.34

Total Expenses:                                    $14.34

Balance as of 9/30/2018            $3, 966.27

Motion to approve – K. McCarthy; Second – R. Hooper-Hamersley.  No discussion; Approval – unanimous.

Fuller Middle School Project – Resolution & Vote       

Resolution (paper copy) distributed.  Motion to endorse – J. Duffy; Second – L. Stoodt

Discussion:  A. Freudberg – yes for Fuller.com.  Cost $98.3 million, $39.5 from MA School Building Authority (MSBA).  Cost to city $58. 8 million.             

 C. Rubin –“What was the criticism?”  J. Bullock – design?  curb walls vs. straight walls; balconies; “we should get 56% of cost.”  K. McCarthy – exit in emergency? Mobility around building?  “universal design”; every staff, student & visitor  – right to safety & accessibility.” 

 L. Bornstein – “we have a failing school, we do nothing – we have a failing school.”  J. Duffy – Resolution – beautifully written document, tremendous wisdom, education is key.  K. Fusaris – employee of Framingham public schools – need a facility to match the greatness of staff & kids; STEAM.  N. Shulman – absentee ballot also for December 11, 2018, property tax relief – send $1,5,10.

Calling the question – non-debatable; unanimous.  Vote Yes – 24; objection – 1; abstention – 1.     

Thanks to Pat Dunne for his work promoting the Fuller Middle School Building Project.

Committee Reports

Civics Education – P. Dunne – Fuller Project.  Education  equity;  Fuller meeting – 11/1/18.

Education important to the lifeblood of a community.  Investment.  People look at schools, losing population to Sudbury because of schools..  “Yes Costs Less”  December 11, 2018 Fuller Vote;

Defining the city of Framingham; good staff, administration; facility – failing.  No vote – $ goes.

Focus – STEAM; open space; democratic values; solar ready.

Communications – M. Hugo – Complete Questionaire (distributed), change and how.  Twitter account and Facebook – thriving; purpose & value.  Yahoo vs. Google.  Respond to Framingham Facebook.

Legislative/Advocacy – K. Fusaris/B. LeDuc –No

Outreach – M. Shepard – No

Programming – R. Hooper-Hamersley/A. Freudberg -Pathways, December donation. 

November 18, 2018 meeting – Pearl St. Cupboard & Café – tangible goods. Opioid crisis –Nancy Star 

Vote on Associate Members  – Aligns with State Charter.  Motion to accept – M. Hugo. Vote Yes; abstentions – 2.  Motion for Dhruba Sen – yes.

Hospitality – A. Northrup/C. Broyles – Thank you.

Announcements:  N. Shulman – GOTV, lawn signs available at the meeting.  B. Hugo – pay dues tonight, if  “a burden” talk to L. Stoodt.  Thank you for attending.

Motion to adjourn – K. McCarthy; Second – L. Stoodt.

FDC Meeting adjourned at 9:08 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara J. Fontes, Secretary

“Corrected and Approved”