Minutes January 21, 2018

Framingham Democratic Town Committee

Heritage Assisted Living   

747 Water St. Framingham, MA 01701

Meeting Minutes – Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Call to Order: Chair Beverly Hugo called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. 

1. Announcements: Beverly opened with a sad note, requesting a moment of silence to recognize the untimely passing of our long-time member Stephanie Mercandetti. “Stephanie was almost a life-member, and was a wonderful person, imbued with an infectious joy.  We will miss her enthusiasm and wisdom.”

Kathie McCarthy made a motion to approve the expenditure of $50 toward the funding of the Democratic State Committee (DSC) meeting scheduled for 2/8/2018 at Framingham High School.

Margareth must step down as Treasurer because she was elected to the City Council. 

2. Attendance: Members: Lori Bornstein, Craig Broyles, Jeanne Bullock, Carmen Chico, Linda Fields, Adam Freudberg, Beverly Hugo, Michael Hugo, Barbara LeDuc, Chris Lorant, Rep. Jack Lewis, Thomas Mahoney, Kathie McCarthy, Farooq Mirza, Joan Rastani, Cindy Rubin, Margareth Shepard, Norma Shulman, Cheryl Tully Stoll, Parwez Wahid, Rep. Chris Walsh, Mel Warshaw. Lifetime Members: Betty Muto. Associate Members: Robert Case, Barbara Fontes, Kurt Fusaris, Jim Hansen, Gwendolyn Holbrow, Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley, Ohad Klopman, Aparna Kumar, Prabhat Kumar, Douglas Lawrence, Amanda Northrup, Vanessa Pendexter, Maria Duaime Robinson, Amanda Shepard, Adam Steiner, Larry Stoodt. Guests: Bob Colt, Mary Kate Feeney, Jay Gonzalez, Ceraline Levy, Bob Massie, Quentin Palfrey, Chris Petherick, Priscilla Sousa, Cesar Stewart-Morales,  

3. November 19, 2017 Minutes: Secretary Barbara LeDuc Approved unanimously.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Margareth Shepard   Approved unanimously 

A total income of $1,310.49 and expenses of $15.36 increased the 11-18-2017 balance of $2,661.99 to $3,957.12. (It should be noted that $1250 of this sum is designated to pay expenses for the February DSC meeting.)  Annual dues of $20 for voting members and $15 for associate members will be payable in March. Margareth noted that the recent OCPF report has been filed with the state and is available online.

5. Hospitality Committee member Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley asked for permission to purchase a new $30 electric teapot, as the old one seriously overheated at the last meeting.  The motion was approved.  Also, she noted we need a larger coffeepot for public events. Barbara LeDuc made a motion to spend up to $125 for a new coffeepot; the motion was approved.

6. News from the State House.  Representative Jack Lewis reminded us of the DSC meeting on Feb. 8, the Mass Alliance Training day on Feb.10 in Ashland, and our Framingham Caucus to be held here at Heritage on Feb.11.

– The Criminal Justice Bill has been updated.

– The Governor has just released the 9C funding from last year; this will provide aid to some local programs such as Hoops & Homework, and others. 

– The Senate Omnibus Healthcare Funding Bill is finally written

– Some Framingham residents’ healthcare has changed providers due to the action of the GIC.  Two good providers (Tufts and Fallon) have been dropped. Rep Lewis is hearing from many people unhappy with the choices remaining.

7. Candidates: the following candidates were present and spoke to members:

for Governor: Jay Gonzalez and Bob Massie; for Lt. Governor: Quentin Palfrey and Jimmy Tingle

8. Subcommittee reports:

Civics Education Subcommittee: Barbara Fontes spoke for Pat Dunne, who is away, to remind us of the upcoming meetings and our caucus.

Communications Subcommittee: Mike Hugo noted the Mail Chimp platform link will be available as of tomorrow. 

Legislative & Advocacy Subcommittee: Kurt Fusaris reported that the Student Loan Bill of Rights legislation is still in committee at the State House.  The $15 / hour Minimum wage and some environmental legislation is being considered.

Affirmative Action and Outreach Subcommittee: Vanessa Pendexter and Ohad Klopman are reaching out to the South Side Free Press to offer articles on civics and politics. Also, they will contact FHS students to encourage them to join upcoming campaigns, and to gauge issues of importance to minority students. 

9. Caucus and election information: Parwez provided information on our caucus: we must elect 35 delegates, i.e. 17 male, 17 female, 1 either gender, and 6 alternates (3 male, 3 female). Further, we must assist the candidates to gather nomination signatures. Candidates for U.S. Senate, Governor and Lt. Governor will need 10,000 signatures in order to be included on the November ballot. Lastly, we will have election of FDTC officers in March, with the new officers taking their seats at the April meeting. 

10. Norma asked for volunteers to assist with set up for the DSC meeting at Framingham High School. Cynthia Villanueva has made arrangements with the school. Please contact Beverly or Hospitality Committee members (Barbara Fontes, Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley or Cindy Rubin) to volunteer.

11. Beverly noted that the Middlesex, Norfolk and Worcester Democratic Alliance Meeting on Monday Feb.5 will be important, as members will be voting on Bylaws.

12. Thanks tonight for the donations to Pathways Shelter, and for the Chinese food for our meeting, from Chris Lorant.

13. Election of new voting members: Beverly announced we have five open slots. Requirements for members are that members attend at least 50% of the meetings, and contribute 40 hrs of volunteer time per each 2 year term.  The Associate Members wishing to be candidates for these seats were: 

Barbara Fontes, Kurt Fusaris, Jim Hansen, Gwen Holbrow, Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley, Vanessa Pendexter, Maria Robinson, Amanda Shepard, Priscilla Sousa, Larry Stoodt.

On the first ballot, Barbara Fontes, Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley, and Larry Stoodt were elected, but there was a tie for the next two seats. On the second ballot, Kurt Fusaris and Maria Robinson were elected. Additionally, it is anticipated that at least one seat will become available in the near future. 

All business being concluded, the business meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara LeDuc, Secretary