Meeting Minutes – September 8, 2019

Framingham Democratic Committee

Framingham Green Community Room

136 Maynard Rd., Framingham, MA 01701

Meeting Minutes – September 8, 2019

Call to Order:  Chair Beverly Hugo called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM

Welcome, Announcements & Updates:  

  • Thank you to Phil Ottaviani for hosting the Annual FDC Barbecue on June 23, 2019.
  • Condolences to Phil Ottaviani in the passing of his mother.
  • September 12, 2019, 7:30 PM Presidential Debate Watch, Framingham Green, bring refreshments.
  • Save the Date – October 17, 2019, MetroWest Daily News, co-host candidates forum.


  • Capitol Hill – none.  
  • State House – Rep. Maria D. Robinson/Rep. Jack P. Lewis
    • awaiting final education bill, late September/October, potentially up to $16 million for Framingham, 
    • “Hands Free” bill – no updates, some disagreement in “fine print”.  
    • Had an August – recess.

Candidates/Campaign:  Beverly Hugo states, “To those not running, thank you for your service” 

  • At-large 
    • George King, experience – 25 yrs. Framingham government, school district; need for new approaches; independent voice in the best interest of taxpayers.  Successes include Nobscot zoning; Eastleigh Farm. Welcomes feedback.
    • Gloria Pasqual – Present but unable to speak, laryngitis, statement read by Glenda Cohen: bilingual; health care professional; vice-chair, Framingham School Committee;  racial and education equity.  “Progress over Politics”  Economic development on Rt. 9.  MWRTA – increase to 7 days. CPA should be placed on a ballot for vote.
    • Challenger, Janet Leombruno, Registered Republican, not in attendance.
  • Dist.1 
    • Christine Long, Planning Bd. chair, discussed her expertise in zoning/planning both locally (5 yrs ZBA) and as Procurement Director for the City of Newton, her full-time job; affordable housing; promoting CPA.  
    • Joe Norton, not in attendance, stuck in traffic out of town.  
  • Dist.2 
    • Ricky Finlay – long time School Committee member; major issue for him is alleviating the traffic situation; also affordable housing.
    • Cesar Stewart-Morales CPA; proficient in 5 languages (incl. Spanish & Portuguese); CPA w/MBA experience in finance/budgeting; concerns overall budget process; finance exec. at a renewable energy company, would bring much experience and financial knowledge to the process.
  • Dist.3 
    • Adam Steiner, incumbent/unopposed; very concerned about Framingham’s growing partisan divide pro/anti; Council has a need for his progressive voices/values; major issues are diversity; education spending; cognizant of the use of term “affordable housing,” and wonders what “affordable” is.
  • Dist.5 
    • Robert Case, member of FDC civics ed. & legislative subcommittees; expertise in municipal operations; Chairs SIFOC; concerns/issues – “eye on overdevelopment;” better financial planning; revitalization of the Arts, improve transportation infrastructure, better utilization of the Callahan Ctr. 
    • Cheryl Gordon, lifelong resident; budget expertise; homeowner; 2 children in Framingham Public Schools.  
    • Challenger, Noval Alexander, Unenrolled, not in attendance
  • Dist.6 
    • Phil Ottaviani, unopposed.  Pet issue is zoning and use of land.  Brings decades of experience to the council.  
  • Dist.7 
    • Margareth Shepard – sent an email, unable to attend; incumbent; native of Brazil; “love” of Framingham; as an elected official she has a “responsibility to honor Democratic platform;” major concerns include immigration; traffic issues.  
    • Bill Lynch – Did not participate. 
  • Dist.8 
    • Mario Alvarez, native of Guatemala; emigrated 1980’s; government should reflect the people it is representing; discussed his zoning concerns; Concerned about contamination, kids spending too long on busses; is a true team player.  
    • John Stefanini, advocating progressive democratic policies; cited need for a new elementary school; traffic issues; implement provisions of the Charter that have been overlooked or not properly implemented.
  • Dist.9 
    • Tracey Bryant, School Committee member; wants to “improve quality of life” for all of Framingham; staying within budget constraints; advocated community meeting with police; Hoops & Homework (after school program); needed environmental cleanup must not be overlooked Church deacon > 20 years.
    • Challenger Neidy Cuellar, Unenrolled, not in attendance.

School Committee 

  • Dist. 1 
    • Beverly Hugo, unopposed incumbent running for 6th term; discussed her passion/dedication for public education; having served for 5 terms already, she is the one with most institutional knowledge & experience; major goal is to increase student achievement; need a thorough review of curriculum; “equity audit” is about to begin; as Past Pres of MASC and current delegate to Nat’l Sch. Bds. Assoc. she gets to advocate on local, state & national levels; brings Framingham “cutting edge” & “best practices”; big priority is “raising the bar”.  
  • Dist. 3  
    • Leslie Smart, stressed “equity for all.”  
    • Scott Wadland, incumbent.  TWPTO Past Pres.; Currently working on the Fuller Bldg. Project; School Department “still has work to do;” there are “multiple layers to  the equity issue” which we must deal with.
  •   Dist. 4 
    • Adam Freudberg, unopposed incumbent; we need better tracking of student achievement; must address social/behavioral emotional health; need for a new southside elementary school.  
  • Dist. 8 
    • Jim Hansen, former town meeting member; every school should be a “desirable school;” discussed his rise from being a free and reduced lunch child in rural America, to MIT to current success, wants the same for all kids.

“Best of Luck to all candidates,” Beverly Hugo


  • Members:  Mario Alvarez, Lori Bornstein, Christopher Broyles, Jeanne Bullock, Robert Case, Carmen Chico, Jack Duffy, Patrick Dunne, Barbara J. Fontes, Adam Freudberg, Kurt Fusaris, Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley, Beverly Hugo, Michael Hugo, Barbara LeDuc, Rep. Jack P. Lewis, Christopher Lorant, Farooq Mirza, Amanda Northrop, Joan Rastani, Rep. Maria D. Robinson, Cindy Rubin, Norma Shulman, Larry Stoodt, Parwez Wahid, Mel Warshaw.  
  • Life Members:  Jerry Desilets, Bettie Muto, John Stefanini.  
  • Associate Members:  Tracey Bryant, Mary Kate Feeney, Cheryl Gordon, Jim Hansen, Doug Lawrence, Adam Steiner, Cesar Stewart-Morales.

Democratic State Convention, September 13th– 14th – Updates.  Should receive credentials in the mail this week.

Sign up for workshops; carpool? If you are looking, let B. Hugo know; State Com. – Norma Shulman & Parwez Wahid.  Check w/N. Shulman about volunteering to hold signs & pass out info for Sen. Markey, Sen. Warren.

Secretary’s Report:  Waived reading of Minutes of May 19, 2019, Business Meeting – Barbara Fontes, approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  September 8, 2019, Larry Stoodt.  

Balance as on May 19, 2019                            $4427.64


CU Dividends as on 5/31/19           .38

CU Dividends as on 6/30/19           .37

CU Dividends as on 7/31/19           .40

Dues 5/25/19           60.00

Dues 6/11/19       15.00

Donations for BBQ 6/24/19 $  353.00

Dues 7/02/19       35.00

Income $  464.15

Previous Balance & Income $4891.79


5/19/19 hospitality R. Hooper-Hamersley           $    29.27

5/19/19 printing M. Hugo     25.57

5/19/19 hospitality C. Lorant     20.04

7/26/19 envelopes L. Stoodt     11.68

6/29/19 BBQ food & supplies M. Hugo   352.00

7/26/19 BBQ food M. Warshaw     53.91

7/26/19 poster for tent L. Stoodt     20.40

Total Expenses $ 512.87

Balance as of 9/8/19 $4378.92

Motion to approve, J. Desilets; 2nd K. Fusaris.  Approved.

Subcommittee Reports: 

  • By-laws – Mel Warshaw.  Appointment of members:  M. Hugo, N. Shulman, J. Duffy, K.Fusaris, R. Hooper-Hamersley. 
  • Civics Education – P. Dunne.  “dormant”.  June – “Importance of Voting/Why Vote” brochure – to address underperforming districts; info needs to be provided at local level.  Citing other competing commitments Mr Dunne resigned as chair of the subcommittee. 
  • Communications – M. Hugo, no report.  
  • Hospitality – Amanda Northrop (former chair). “I want to thank you” B. Hugo.  C. Broyles is on the committee.  B. Hugo “if anyone is willing to step up and assume this committee, please see me at the end of the meeting.”  
  • Legislative – K. Fusaris/B. LeDuc.  
    • Vote on Menstruation Bill Endorsement 
      • free menstrual products to schools, home shelters & prisons; bill to be heard at end of September.  Co-sponsor NOW Mass Chapter.  Oct. 19, 2019 3-5 pm City Hall Plaza.  Support Menstrual Coalition (backed by Reps. Jack P. Lewis & Maria D. Robinson & Sen. Pres. K. Spilka) 
      • Motion to approve J. Duffy; 2nd L. Stoodt.  
      • Motion to table by Mr. Stefanini, second by Mr. Desilets – fails.  
  • Outreach – Margareth Shepard. Consider mailing our brochure “Importance of Voting…” to every registered Democratic & a version on website, electronic voter guide; need for clarity; Outreach welcomes help.  
  • Programming & Charity – R. Hooper-Hamersley.  Handouts with proposed schedule provided, FDC: Charitable Giving& Speakers 2019-2020 (plan includes a listing of relevant websites).
  • Environmental/Climate Change – L. Stoodt. 
    • Committee formed at this meeting

Vote for Associate Membership – Tracey Bryant.  Voted. Approved. 

Organizing Corps 2020 – Sen. David Magnani.  Designed to raise money to pay minority, primarily female college students to canvas in 7 battleground states that they live in; table set up at State Convention (DNC).  Metrowest committed to rising $70,000.

Next E-Board Meeting Fri, June 28, 2019

Thanks for all who donated refreshments.  Thanks for all that you do.

Motion to adjourn – R. Case; 2nd L. Bornstein

FDC meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara J. Fontes, Secretary