Meeting Minutes – February 9, 2020

Framingham Green Community Room

136 Maynard Rd., Framingham, MA 01701


Call to Order:  Chair, Beverly Hugo, 7:12 PM

Welcome, Announcements & Updates:  Concern – interference – talking during meeting;

Larry Stoodt – injury while canvassing in NH, broken leg, wishing him a speedy recovery;

Parwez Wahid – condolences in the passing of his mother.

Information available – important dates; how to run for delegate; what is special about FDC; call out for census workers/applications available $27.50/hr. will send link.

Invitation – Natick Town Hall – 2/26/20 “Swing Left” send postcards to voters in TX re:  Roe Act.

Attendance:  Members:  Lori Bornstein, Christopher Broyles, Jeanne Bullock, Robert Case, Carmen Chico, Jack Duffy, Patrick Dunne, Barbara J. Fontes, Adam Freudberg, Kurt Fusaris, Gwen Holbrow, Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley, Beverly Hugo, Michael Hugo, Steve Joyce, Barbara LeDuc, Rep. Jack Lewis, Christopher Lorant, Farooq Mirza, Amanda Northrop, Rep. Maria Robinson, Cindy Rubin, Norma Shulman, Jim Stockless, Cheryl Tully-Stoll, Parwez Wahid, Mel Warshaw. Associate:  Mario Alvarez, Doug Lawrence, Andrew Machkason, Pamela Roberts, Dhruba Sen, Cesar Stewart-Morales, Joel Winnett.


Reports:  Capitol Hill: none.  State House:  State Reps. Jack Patrick Lewis & Maria D. Robinson – Roe Act extended to May 12, 2020.  Under discussion gun safety, Election Day registration, immigration bill.  Transportation bill: progressive side – revenue by corporation, corporate minimum by tier.  I-90 Allston Project 2023, funding questionable.

March 16, 2020 Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis re-election kickoff.


Reports:  City Council:  Adam Steiner.  Subcommittee assignments;  second mtg.

City Council:  G. King, Jr. Chair, A. Steiner, vice-chair.  Economic Development:  M. Cannon, Chair, C. Long, vice-chair.  Environmental & Sustainability:  C. Stewart-Morales, Chair, M. Shepard, vice-chair; first mtg. 3/2/2020, 7PM re:  solar panels.  Finance:  A. Steiner, Chair, M. Cannon, vice-chair; discussion FY’21 budget; Perrini purchase.  Ordinance & Rules:  J. Stefanini, Chair, T. Bryant, vice-chair.  Planning/Zoning:  C. Long, Chair, P.  Ottaviani, vice-chair.   Public Health, Safety & Transportation:  J. Leombruno, Chair, T. Bryant, vice-chair.  Education, Library, Arts & Culture:  R. Case, Chair, C. Stewart-Morales, vice-chair.

Office hours w/A. Steiner & G. King, Jr. – B. Sisters Café.  R. Case – mtg. 2/25/20 re:  Perrini

purchase.   Michael Gatlin – Chair, SIFOC.

School Committee:  B. Hugo & A. Freudberg w/ FPS Superintendent to meet w/ Sen. Pres. Karen Spilka – Ed. reform – Student Opportunity Act; 6.8 million more (preliminary), chap.70; Ed. Comissioner; 7 subcommittees.  March 18, 2020, School Com. Budget.

B Hugo, concerns – teaching & learning, health & wellness, climate change.

Secretary’s Report:  Barbara J. Fontes, Secretary.  Minutes of 10/20/19 Business mtg. 

Motion to accept – M. Hugo, second R. Hooper-Hamersley.  Passes w/ 1 abstention.

Treasurer’s Report:  March 27, 2020.  Larry Stoodt, Treasurer

Balance as on February 29, 2020                                  $4618.69


Dues 1/15/20                                                       136.00

CU Dividend as on 1/31/20                                        0.39

CU Dividend as on 2/29/20                                          0.37


Previous Balance & Income                                         $4755.45



Total Expenses                                                          0

BALANCE AS OF 2/29/20                                                $4755.45


Dues:  M. Shepard, N. Shulman, B. Muto, J. Bullock, L. Stoodt.


Candidates & Campaigns:  State:  Joe Kennedy III – progressive Democrat, activist, “public face,” national stage, “future of Democratic Party” (A. Steiner).  Sen. Ed Markey.  Liam Horsman, Metrowest field organizer.  Framingham Caucus 3/8/20.

Presidential:  Primary 3/3/2020.  M. Bloomberg – fossil fuel, gun reform.  Sen. E. Warren – field offices in all states; phone bank – every Thursday, Framingham Green (N. Shulman).

Progressive Massachusetts.  John P. Kirk, Needham.  Citizen participation; 501c4.  Interest in forming a Framingham chapter; every citizen > lobbyist for progressive change; focus –

state politics.  Platform:  economic, social & racial justice; advocate for those bills, school funding, criminal reform.

Subcommittee Reports:  Communications:  M. Hugo.  Framingham Democrats – facebook – “open page”; twitter – ideological changes between twitter & instagram.

Hospitality:  A. Northrop.  Thank you!

Legislative: K. Fusaris/B. LeDuc.  “We the People Act” 2015; constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.  M. Hugo –  2015 we had signed into We the People.  H 3999 – pipeline expansion; vaccinations & public health.

S 2359 – promoting community immunity.  H 2010 extended to June 2020.  S 929 non-disclosure agreement.  Earth Day, April 25, 2020 – activities.

Programming & Charity:  R. Hooper-Hamersley.  Continue to represent local groups; exhibit our values.  United Way of Tri-County, 46 Park St. Framingham, MA, Call2Talk 24 hr. suicide prevention hotline.  Framingham Coalition – Isabella Perez – supports students & parents, advocates on their behalf.


Organizing Corps 2020:  D. Magnani.  Report (M. Hugo) National organization; recruits inner city college students and trains them with skills needed (get paid)to work on the 2020 Democratic  Presidential campaign; return to their communities within the 7 battleground states –  AZ, GA, FL, PA, NC, MI, WI.

Election of Associate Member – Andrew Machkason; contact Chair, express interest; vote next mtg. Motion – N. Shulman; second, C. Lorant.  Congrats Andrew.  Joel Winnett request membership, April vote.

Discussion of upcoming events:  Caucus – Sunday, 3/8/20; begins 2:00 PM, registration by 2:15 PM; 34 slots, 17/17.

Annual mtg. & Reorganization – 30 days after 3/3/2020  primary – 4/5/2020

MA Democratic State Convention – May 29-30, 2020, Tsongas Arena, Lowell.

Democratic Nat’l Convention – July 13-16, 2020, Milwaukee, WI.

State Committee Report:  N. Shulman, info/papers available; 3/3/2020 absentee & early voting.

Lifetime Members:  N. Shulman, P. Dunne, C. Tully-Stoll – honored at future date.

“Thank you for promoting our democratic values.” Beverly Hugo.


Motion to adjourn – M. Hugo; second R. Case, Passed.

FDC meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.

 Respectfully submitted,

Barbara J. Fontes, Secretary