Gonzalez Meets Framingham Leaders

Gonzalez Discusses His Plans For Revenue

Jay Gonzalez, Democratic Party nominee for Governor of Massachusetts, speaking with Maria D. Robinson, candidate for the Massachusetts House, 6th Middlesex.
(Credit Norma Shulman)

Jay Gonzalez meeting with Framingham local leaders at the farmer’s market on the Framingham Green.
(Credit Norma Shulman)

On Thursday Oct. 4th Jay Gonzalez, the Democratic nominee for Governor of Massachusetts, met with Framingham local leaders at the Famer’s Market on Framingham Green.  Mr. Gonzalez sought to promote his bold revenue plan for the Commonwealth. These plans will ask the wealthiest individuals and institutions in Massachusetts to pay a little bit more – through a “Millionaires Tax” and a modest tax on the endowments of the wealthiest private institutions of higher education.  Through this plan an additional $3 billion in annual revenue would be generated that could support critical investments in public education and transportation. Gonzalez discussed the positive impact his plan would have for Framingham and communities like it across the MetroWest region and the Commonwealth. 

(Thanks for FDC member Norma Shulman for providing this information.)