Framingham State Rep Candidates

Framingham Will Have Four Reps Starting In 2023

Following the 2022 redistricting Framingham’s House district lines have been redrawn with significant changes.

The 13th Middlesex, represented by Carmine Gentile of Sudbury, will no longer include a portion of Framingham.

Portions of Framingham are now added to the 4th Middlesex which is represented by Danielle Gregoire of Marlborough. She is on the ballot for 2022 and has no opponent.

The 7th Middlesex, which has parts of Framingham and all of Ashland, has been adjusted within Framingham and will continue to cover all of Ashland. Jack Lewis is the incumbent and is on the ballot for 2022 with no opposition.

A new district called the 19th Worcester will include portions of Framingham. There is no incumbent and the one Democrat on the ballot is Kate Donaghue of Westborough. Certainly Framingham Democrats are very familiar with Kate as one of the hardest working activists anywhere. Kate is on the ballot for 2022, she is unchallenged in the primary and will face an opponent for the November election.

The most significant change is to the 6th Middlesex which has been shifted from its current region into the southern precincts of Framingham. There are 3 Democratic candidates contesting in the primary that will be held on September 6th.

The Democrats contesting in the 6th Middlesex primary are:

– Dhruba Sen
– Margareth Shepard
– Priscila Sousa