Contact Legislators To Safe Guard Elections

Make Elections “Pandemic Proof”

A message from FDC Chair Mike Hugo:

The Joint Elections Committee in the MA Legislature has a hearing this afternoon to discuss election reforms in response to COVID-19.

A few months ago, the Legislature took initial steps for municipal and special legislative elections: expanding early voting, shortening the voter registration blackout period, and making it easier for voters to cast their ballots absentee.

We need to build on that for the fall to make sure that we can have high-turnout elections while protecting public health.

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Can you contact your state legislators in support of vital reforms to “pandemic-proof” our elections? 

  • Expanding options to vote by mail​ so that no one has to choose between their health and participating in our democracy (the best way to do this: just mail every eligible voter a ballot)
  • ​​Eliminating the voter registration deadline​, because many opportunities to register to vote (or register new voters) will be lost due to the necessary rollback of public life
  • Increasing the number of days of early voting​, because a longer early voting period allows for better line maintenance, which is essential in a time of physical distancing ​​
  • Protecting in-person voting to ensure that those with insecure housing and those with disabilities who cannot easily vote by mail are still able to participate
  • Protecting poll workers because our democracy depends on them

Email Addresses of Framingham’s House representatives:

Jack Lewis:

Maria Robinson:

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