Committee Votes Name Change

Several Bylaws Amendments Passed Including Name Change

At the June 24, 2018 business meeting Framingham’s local Democratic committee changed its name from “Framingham Democratic Town Committee” to “Framingham Democratic Committee”.

This name change was one of several bylaw amendments that were taken up as part of the business meeting agenda.

The Committee changed its name removing the word “town” as Framingham changed its charter from town to city in 2017.  However the Committee did not adopt the name “City Committee” as its organizational structure will still be based on Chapter 52, Section 2 of the Massachusetts General Laws.  The City of Framingham is not structured into wards which is required in order to have the structure of a Democratic City Committee.

A Democratic City Comittee is comprised of Ward Committees. The City of Boston has 22 Ward Committee; each Ward Committee operates separately.  Whereas in a town committee, its members are elected on a town-wide ballot, for city committee, members are elected within their wards, not on city-wide ballots.

Members of the Framingham Democratic Committee will continue to be elected on a city-wide ballot.  (The next election for the full Committee membership will be during the 2020 presidential primary.)