Chair’s Message on Thanksgiving 2020

A Holiday Season Message from the Chair

To our FDC Members and Friends:

At first, I thought that this would be the easiest “Holiday Season Message” a chair could write to his membership. After all, we just won “the most important election in our nation’s history,” and people from across the state regularly recognize Framingham’s role in this and so many the elections on all levels from local, to state, to national government. I am blessed to be leading such a dedicated army of Democratic activists, one which is still energized as a political unit and will remain resolute in our determination to take back the Senate.

But, like so much of 2020, it is a real mixed bag, bitter-sweet, full of so many ups and so many downs! Like so many others involved in the front lines of this COVID mess, Thanksgiving was the first day since March 13th that I will not work – 227 days, but who’s counting??

All of our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with those amongst us who suffered a family loss this year; and to those who experienced illness or had a loved one survive it, we are all thankful for the recovery!

We are all looking forward to January, and know that our new President will bring us the calm confident and dignified form of democratic government that we have all been craving since T**** took over this nation and nearly ran it into the ground. His cabinet choices and the selection of Kamala Harris all reflect who he is as a person.

One need only compare the lines of T****’s Sec. of State to Joe Biden’s at times when they were unaware of the audience.

“When I was a cadette, what’s the first thing they tell you at West Point? Their motto. ‘You will not lie, cheat or steal. You will not tolerate those who do.’ I was the CIA Director, we lied, we cheated, we stole. That’s all we did. Like – we had entire training courses! It reminds you of the glory of the American Experiment.” April 15, 2019, Texas Tech Univ.

In his original song, titled Patience, written and performed by Tony Blinkin, he sings the following about that virtue: “Patience is the test of life itself and to fail would be suicide. Patience can survive when life is real, where there’s hope that one day we will find it…”

Who would you rather have sitting in the Oval Office advising our President on foreign affairs, and speaking for you and your values on the world stage?

This will be a strange holiday season for many of us. Some will sit at their kitchen table and dine alone on the traditionally biggest family days. Others will be with only small parts of their family, missing out on the traditional extended family day of celebrating one another, feasting and football naps. And while we will all carry some measure of sorrow, what we all must remember is the reason behind the solitude of these holidays.  It is love. It is that we love one another and our families so much, that we do not want any unnecessary harm to befall any of them. This act of love should bring all of us that much closer in our hearts.

So, I close with a prayer that each of us stay sensible and safe, that we continue to watch out for one another, that we all stay committed to our Democratic principles, that all our loved ones share in our happiness and that we can all get together and return to normalcy sooner than later.

And, when our children’s children’s children look back at those who lived through the “Great Pandemic of 2020,” they talk of their ancestors (that would be us!!) and realize that, Nevertheless, they Persisted!

So, on behalf of Beverly and my family, with love, thanks and excitement for the upcoming year for all, Happy Holidays,

Michael Hugo
Chair, FDC