Census Jobs 2020

US Census Bureau Recruiting For 2020 Census

The next US census will be taken in 2020.  The United States Census Bureau is hiring to help assist with this task. These are temporary jobs for the period during which the census is taken.

Massachusetts lost a seat in the US Congress after the last census. The state was just some 153000 residents short of retaining that seat. Along with losing the House seat Massachusetts lost a vote in the Electoral College and receives less Federal funding as such revenue is proportioned by state population.

However since the last census Massachusetts has seen an increase in population and could gain back a House seat.  (Massachusetts is competing with two other states to win back a seat in Congress.)  In gaining back a seat Massachusetts would receive more Federal funding.

An accurate census of the state is vital to improve the possibility of gaining back the House seat.

If interested in being a census taker visit: https://2020census.gov/jobs