Caucus Results 2019

The 2019 Framingham Democratic Caucus was held at the Community Room of the Framingham Green at 136 Maynard Road on May 19, 2019. This caucus was conducted to elect Framingham’s delegation to the annual Democratic State Convention taking place this year on September 14th at the MassMutual Center in Springfield.

Framingham was alloted 34 delegates, 17 female, 17 male, plus 6 alternates, 3 female, 3 male.

Results of the caucus are:


MAY 19, 2019

1. Lori Bornstien 1. Mario Alvarez
2. Tracey Bryant 2. Chris Broyles
3. Jeanne Bullock 3. Jack Duffy
4. Carmen Chico 4. Rob Floyd
5. Mary Kate Feeney 5. Kurt Fusaris
6. Barbara Fontes 6. Jim Hansen
7. Gwen Holbrow 7. Michael Hugo
8. Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley 8. Shahid Khan
9. Barbara Leduc 9. Douglas Lawrence
10. Caraline Levy 10. Sam Levy
11. Kathie McCarthy 11. David Magnani
12. Amanda Northrop 12. Thom Mahoney
13. Joan K. Rastani 13. Farooq K. Mirza
14. Cindy Rubin 14. Phil Ottaviani
15. Margareth Shepard 15. Dhruba Sen
16. Priscila Sousa 16. Larry Stoodt
17. Natalie Tassy 17. Mel Warshaw
1. (vacant) 1. Greg Hayes
2. (vacant) 2. (candidate withdrew)
3. (vacant) 3. (vacant)

In addition to the elected delegates, the following ex-offico delegates will be included in Framingham’s delegation:

Beverly Hugo, Committee Chair
Jack P. Lewis, State Representative and DSC member
Maria D. Robinson, State Representative
Christopher Lorant, DSC member
Ilma Paixao, DSC member
Norma Shulman, DSC member
Parwez Wahid, DSC member

Framingham’s delegation may increase further if any add-on applicants from Framingham are approved by the State Party.