Ottaviani Elected Council Chair

Life-long Framingham Resident Will Chair City Council

At the January 18, 2021 meeting of the Framingham City Council, FDC life-member Phil Ottaviani was elected Chair of the City Council.  Ottaviani was first elected to the City Council, District 6, in 2019 and to a second term in 2021.

He has previously served on Framingham’s Zoning Board of Appeals and is a past chair of the Framingham Democratic Committee.

The FDC congratulates Phil on being elected City Council Chair.

2022 Caucus Scheduled

Democratic Caucus Takes Place In February

The 2022 Framingham Democratic Caucus will take place on Saturday February 12th starting at 1pm.

The purpose of this caucus is to elect Framingham’s delegation to the 2022 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention that takes place in June in Worcester.  This is a nominating convention for candidates seeking state-wide office in the 2022 elections.

The caucus will be conducted virtually due to concerns from the pandemic over in-person gatherings.  Details on how the caucus will be conducted will be made available in a few weeks.



Sousa Elected School Committee Chair

First Person Of Color To Serve This Position

FDC member Priscila Sousa was elected Chair of the Framingham School Committee.

Under the Framingham charter the School Committee Chair functions include presiding at all meetings of the school committee, regulate the proceedings of meetings, and decide all questions of order, appoint members of all subcommittees of the school committee.

The FDC congratulates Priscila on becoming School Committee Chair.

New Members Elected

FDC Adds 3 New Members On Jan 9th

At the January 9, 2022 business meeting of the Framingham Democratic Committee, 3 new members were elected by acclamation to vacancies in the FDC membership.

Congratulations to the new members:

 – Audrey Hall
– Yvonne Spicer
– Priscila Sousa