Resolution Adopted On Black Lives Matter

At the August 16, 2020 business meeting of the Framingham Democratic Committee a resolution was passed unanimously in support of Black Lives Matter.

The resolution reads:

Resolution of the Framingham Democratic Committee
Racial Equity and Social Justice
Adopted August 16, 2020

WHEREAS, the Framingham Democratic Committee is committed to furthering the messages and delivery of racial equity and social justice to the inhabitants of the City of Framingham, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the United States of America.

THEREFORE, the Framingham Democratic Committee believes and proclaims that Black Lives Matter. 

Hugo Speaks At Eurie Stamps Vigil

Text of FDC Chair’s Speech At Vigil For Eurie Stamps

A vigil was held in memory of the late Eurie Stamps, a Framingham resident killed in January 2011 during a SWAT team raid at his apartment.  Stamps was not the intended target of the raid but was mistakenly killed. No charges were brought against the officer involved.  A vigil in Stamp’s memory was held on August 16, 2020 seeking justice for Eurie Stamps and demanding a re-opening of the case after the Middlesex District Attorney’s office did not bring charges forward.

Framingham Democratic Committee Chair Michael Hugo was among the presenters at this vigil.  The text of his speech is presented here:

Michael Hugo, 36 year resident of Framingham, Chair of the FDC, and a fan of my friend Eurie Stamps.

Framingham Dodged a bullet. Framingham dodged THE bullet, but Eurie Stamps could not!

Late one cold starry Tuesday night in January of 2011, as Tuesday morphed into Wednesday, Eurie lay in his bed, dreaming about his children and more importantly to him, his 15 grandbabies that idolized every word that came out of G-Pa’s mouth. They adored him, and like the rest of us, they knew him to have a permanent smile and a mouth full of love.

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DNC Schedule Aug 17-20

2020 Democratic National Convention Runs August 17th to the 20th

The 2020 Democratic National Convention kicks off on August 17th and concludes on August 20th with Joe Biden accepting the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States.

The COVID restrictions have forced this year’s convention to be conducted mostly virtually.

See full schedule:

Harris Selected For Vice President Nominee

FDC Members Weigh In On VP Selection

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has selected California Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate on the 2020 Democratic ticket for the White House.

Harris, who is serving her first term in the US Senate was previously California Attorney General and District Attorney for the City of San Francisco.  Harris is of mixed heritage, her father being African-American and her mother Asian-American (from India).  The ticket has been praised as being more reflective of today’s America.

Video of announcement:

Members of the Framingham Democratic comment on this historic moment:
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Shulman 2020 Elector

Norma Shulman Elected to Mass Democratic Electoral College For 2020

At the August 8th meeting of the Democratic State Committee, DSC and FDC member Norma Shulman was elected to serve on the Massachusetts Electoral College pledged to Joe Biden.

In presenting her candidacy for elector, Norma stated:

“I am a lifelong Democrat, 20-year member (and past chair) of the Framingham Democratic Committee, a decade-long caucus seat member of the Massachusetts State Committee, co-chair of the MassDems Women’s Outreach Subcommittee, field director or field organizer on numerous campaigns, and volunteer on many more. For more years than I will admit, I have participated in canvassing, phone banks, text banks, recruiting and training volunteers, VoteBuilder administration, planning and running events and forums, tables at concerts and other venues, lawn sign distributions and decorating the polls, social media, coordinated campaigns, GOTV, rallies conventions, coffees, parades, caucuses, debate watch parties, visibilities, signature drives, voter registration drives, recounts, press releases, letters to the editor, cable TV programming and more.”