Campaign Office Open All Week

MW Coordinated Campaign Office Open Mon-Fri for GOTV

The office is located on the 4th floor at 1071 Worcester Road (Rt  9 west-bound), corner of Maynard Road and Route 9.  For GOTV starting October 29th through election day the office be open all week.

Norma Shulman reports: “We are working on a plan to have the campaign office open all this week Monday-Friday, 11:30-7:00 (Wednesday until 8:00).

We will be available for sign pick ups, making recruitment of volunteers phone calls, organizing canvassing packets, AND picking up and dropping off CANVASSING TURF! 

The dialer will be available to call MA voters on Wednesday 5:00-8:00. Bring a laptop or tablet AND phone (headset if possible). This was very successful over the weekend totell people about earlyt voting, help undecideds, and motivate voters to get out the vote.

I am rushing this out, as I have to go open the office shortly. 

Get those early voters moving! Make these weekdays work!!!

Please share this.”