2020 Ballot Questions

3 Ballot Questions For Framingham Voters

The November 3rd general election ballot will have several ballot questions asked of voters.

Questions 1 and 2 will be on state-wide ballots.

There will be a third question specifically on the City of Framingham ballots.

The Framingham Democratic Committee has endorsed Questions 2 and 3 for passage.

These questions are:

Question 1: Right-To-Repair.  If passed, will require manufactures to share open data platform with independent auto repair mechanics.

Question 2: Ranked-Choice-Voting.  If passed will allow voters to vote for candidates with first, second, third choices.
In the City of Framingham there will be an additional question.  If passed seeks to preserve and protect open spaces and natural resouces.
Question 3: Community-Preservation-Act